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Character creation : 
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More details about the community :
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Teacher requirements :
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Magic types :
 *Click here to learn about the types of magic we have.*

How magic works :
 *Click here to learn about the way magic works here.*

Anyone in for a roleplay?
Since this community is quite really silent anyway
I'm not as good at roleplaying so be warned xD
Dunno if I put this in the right category..

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Name - Kilyne

Age - 23

Gender - Female

Powers - Pyrokinesis, Aerokinesis

Appearance - Is in le picture

Weapons - Bow and arrow, dagger

Weapon of Choice - Bow and arrow

Pets - A small robin that is usually off, but sometimes returns to her to ask for food or bring her company

Accent - American

Tribe - None, since she prefers to be on her own

C o m p a n i o n

Name - Ambus

Gender - Male

Appearance - In le picture

Animal Form - Spotted Eagle Owl

Light Color - Gold

Powers - None
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Please, for everyone in the community, make characters and be active !

+Maeglin Lomion +Grace H +TheDerp OfHolland +Jasmine Greenleaf 

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Name: Jasmine
Age: 17
Gender: female
Powers: Fire magic and mind control
Appearance: see pictures
Weapons: sword, bow, and battle axe
Weapon of choice: either sword or battle axe, changes between those two
Pets: small dragon named Katana
Accent: irish/english
Tribe: none, a bit of a loner (don't know what to put here)

(picture is of me)

Name: Artemis
Gender: female
Appearance: fluffy red fur and green eyes and a very fluffy tail
Animal form: fox
Light color: light green
Powers: earth, fire and illusions

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C h a r a c t e r    T e m p l a t e

Name - Analon Sureves

Age - 19

Gender - Male

Powers - Botanokinesis , Hydrokinesis

Appearance - As seen below but with dark Caucasian skin.

Weapons - Bow and arrow, sword, two knives for food and ropes and such.

Weapon of Choice - Blade.

Pets - N/A

Accent - English

Tribe - Bannock (formerly), Solo

C o m p a n i o n

Name - Aura

Gender - Female

Appearance - As seen below with golden feathers and a lighter underbelly, along with a reddish beak.

Animal Form - Kelenken

Light Color - Blue

Powers - Nothing magical.
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C h a r a c t e r    T e m p l a t e

Name - 

Age - 

Gender - 

Powers - 

Appearance - 

Weapons - 

Weapon of Choice - 

Pets - 

Accent - 

Tribe - 

C o m p a n i o n

Name - 

Gender - 

Appearance - 

Animal Form - 

Light Color - 

Powers - 

Details about the community :-

Most people live in tribes, which are small or medium groups of people who live together. Tribes could sometimes be of one family or bloodline, though most of the time they're at least three families. Some tribes are rivals with other tribes or solo-people. People don't gain powers depending on their tribes. Tribes live in villages or nations, depending on the circumstances, and their physical traits differ with that. For example, some tribes have dark skin and heavily built bodies, while some others have scrawny light-skinned people.

Nations form when two or more tribes join together and build a large village, or a town, and live together. Nations aren't too common, but are very powerful. Nations were mostly formed as signs of peace between tribes who fought for long periods of time. Tribes in nations could still sometimes fight among each other. Nations are led by the Elders, just like a village/tribe being led by a chief.

Kingdoms are formed when two or more nations join and are led by a powerful leader. Kingdoms are large and prosperous, but if the tribes or nations fight among each other then the kingdom would fall not before long. Only very few kingdoms exist, however.

Wars mostly occurred between two nations or more, sometimes even kingdoms. During wars, most nations, tribes, kingdoms, and sometimes even solo-men had to take sides and fight if they wanted peace. Wars sometimes ended with kingdoms or nations forming.

Companions duos of animals and humans. Each human has a companion creature, with a few exceptions. Companions could take the form of any creature, that includes dragons and prehistoric creatures. Companions sometimes have magical abilities or such. They could disappear and appear willingly. Most companions aren't much larger than a moose, but sometimes (though not commonly) take the form of larger animals such as spinosaurus or larger dragons. Companions speak like normal animals, but their human companion could perfectly understand them.



Magic works fairly simply in this world. While some types of magic can't be learned, as one is born with them (telekinesis, atmokinesis, biokinesis, and vita-mortoknesis), others could be born with or gained. Pendants, rings, and other accessories could be used to give magic to a magician, or to help casting magic, or to just preserve magic. Accessories could also be used to prevent a magician from using magic.

Staffs could also be used to channel magic, and are the most preferred. Ruins are carved on staffs (which are mostly made of wood, sometimes decorated with other materials such as stone, gold...etc) to make casting easier or more powerful.

Location also has an effect on how well magic is being cast. For example, hydrokinesis won't work well in a desert, while pyrokinesis won't work well in a sea. Some magic types (telekinesis, photokinesis, thanatokinesis, biokinesis, umbrakinesis, and vita-mortokinesis) aren't always affected by the place or weather.

Magic has many types and is used by most people. Some use it to fight and defend each other, or to find food, or to build villages, or to do basically anything. Magic is learned, and those born without magical abilities (which rarely happens) could gain it through rituals and such. Magic is divided but not limited to :

Umbrakinesis - The manipulation and bending of shadows and darkness to the magician's will. Also known as shadow or darkness magic.

Hydrokinesis - A form of Elemental Magic. The manipulation and bending of water to the magician's will. Hydrokinesis also includes healing, water-breathing, and sometimes talking to aquatic creatures.

Pyrokinesis - A form of Elemental Magic. The manipulation and bending of flames to the magician's will. Pyrokinesis also includes the control of lava, oil, and coal, along with fire resistance.

Aerokinesis - A form of Elemental Magic. The manipulation and bending of the winds to the magician's will. Aerokinesis could also include flying.

Telekinesis - A power one is born with, the ability to move objects without physically touching them. Telekinesis could get out of control at times, thus one must learn how to control it. Telekinesis could also be achieved through aerokinesis.

Electrokinesis - A form of Elemental Magic. The manipulation and bending of lightning and electricity to one's will. Electrokinesis also includes immunity to electric currents, but not necessarily their heat.

Geokinesis - A form of Elemental Magic. The manipulation and bending of the earth to the magician's will. Geokinesis doesn't include falling from great heights without being hurt, but it allows the caster to make the ground softer, thus making the damage less.

Botanokinesis - A form of Elemental Magic. The manipulation and bending of nature to the magician's will. Botanokinesis is believed to be a form of Geokinesis, which isn't entirely true. Botanokinesis also includes healing magic. Botanokinesis is also known as Phyllokinesis.
                                  R A R E      M A G I C
Atmokinesis - The controlling of weather. Atmokinesis is very rare and powerful, for one could generate powerful storms. Atmokinesis includes Aerokinesis and, sometimes, hydrokinesis, too.

Biokinesis - The ability to change form; to shape-shift. Biokinesis, or shape-shifting, is very hard to accomplish, and not many people have mastered this art. Biokinesis could sometimes be fatal, as the caster could possibly get trapped in one form or during transformation. Getting trapped mid-transformation would have many negative effects, depending on what creature the casting was trying to become.

Photokinesis - The ability to bend and manipulate light to the caster's will. Photokinesis could be used to turn one invisible or even blind and is very dangerous to use. Photokinesis is also very rare.

Thanatokinesis - The ability to manipulate death to the magician's will. Thanatokinesis is also known as Necromancy, and magicians who use it are known as Necromancers. Thanatokinesis includes reanimating corpses and killing people, though it's very rare and disliked among most. Most necromancers live alone in buildings far from other settlements.

Mentokinesis - The ability to manipulate the functions of and enter one's mind. Mentokinesis is, like Vita-Mortokinesis, very rare and powerful. Mento-magicians have the ability to read minds and manipulate them, even controlling the victim.

Vita-Mortokinesis - The ability to manipulate both life and death to the magician's will. Vita-Mortokinesis is very rare and they who have it are very powerful ones. Vita-Mortokinesis is believed to be forbidden magic, as one could use it to destroy whole kingdoms in a few days.
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