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Charlie Li's talk "nftables" presented 2017-01-04 @ PLUG Central

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Walt Mankowski's talk "Secrets of the Dead: What Modern Programmers Can Learn from COBOL" presented 2017-01-10 @ PLUG North

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Looks like more headway on a compatibility mode with iptables has been made...

is anyone else having issues with call parking on freepbx? For some reason my call parks are not working anymore.

Please help! I have a bunch of noob-like questions. I know you guys are legit and helpful, so I figured I'd give it a crack and ask here.

The important question is about snippets and workflow notes: Do you save them, and are they in the cloud, or text files, or something else?

My other questions mainly apply if you use Linux in your desktop:

* Do you image your machine? If so, with what, and how often?
* Do you backup your files? If so, with what, and how often?
* Do you sync your files? If so, with what?
* Do you have a hardening workflow for your desktop? If so, what are some good resources? Is it different than the workflow for your servers?
* Do you containerize apps on your desktop?
* Do you run a rolling (like Arch), LTS (Like CentOS), or standard release?
* Do you dual-boot, virtualize, or RDP another OS or Distribution?


Please message me if you want. Any help is appreciated. I have researched all of these things, but wanted to get a feel for what PLUG members do, since it seems most of you know what you're doing!

-- I have more questions, but I'll stop here. Hope to see the Central guys next month!

P.S. Any other suggestions are welcome too. Thanks!

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how much would something like this cost just to pull off ?

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I presented a thing

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I beat my own prediction of when I'd get this jawn uploaded.

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