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❝ The Dark side does not create destruction, the light can craft evil of its own. ❞

✠♛ Basic Information ♛✠

✹Name: Unknown

✹Age: Ageless

✹Alias: Darth Dominus

✹Gender: Male

✹Species: Sith Pureblood

✹Race: Kissai/Massassi
✠♛ Physical Details ♛✠

✹Hair Color: Black

✹Eye Color: Red and Orange

✹Skin Tone: Blood red

✹Physical Build: Semi-muscilar

✹Physical Deformities/Alterations: None
✠♛ Biographical Details ♛✠

✹Race: Kissai

✹Class: Sith Warrior

✹Skills/Abilities: Force Lightning, Force Push, Force Pull, Force Drain, Battle Meditation, Force Speed, Force Grip, Ability in all forms of saber combat, Dun Möch, telepathy, telekinesis

✹Personality: Calculated, Wise, Determined

✹Likes: Knowledge, Skill, Bravery, negotiation

✹Dislikes: Ignorance, Foolhardiness

✹Relationships: None

✹Biography (Minimum of two paragraphs):
Born many years ago on the planet Korriban, a sith pureblood he grew in a time of strife, he lived as a member of the dark council. A man of vision, a man of power, and a master of combat for his time.

While investigating an ancient temple on the planet Yavin, he encountered a being of cosmic force. He learned from the being, training, and has been for hundreds of years. Only now has he risen from the tomb, risen to bring his wisdom to the Galaxy, returning the Sith to its rightful place.
✠♛ Occupational Details ♛✠

✹Apprentice/Master(If any): Sith acolytes, unknown masters

✹Alliance: Sith Empire

✹Commitment to the force(Dark or Light): Dark
✠♛ Equipment/Items ♛✠

✹Weapons: Lightsaber,

✹Armor: Ancient Cortosis Armor

✹Clothing: Sith Traditional Robes

✹Items of Interest: Kyber Crystal Pendant

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