Happy Future Day 2018 - help make the Future great again :D
Here are some ideas on how to celebrate Future Day: http://future-day.org/march-1-future-day/

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In designing our way out of the problems that face our current civilization we ought to take heed of important dialogs where ethics meets transhumanism. One such was with WTA co-founder and author of the Hedonistic Imperative +David Pearce and celebrated ethicist +Peter Singer who authored Animal Liberation and The Expanding Circle.

Article with embedded video of conversation between Peter Singer & David Pearce:

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Plenty of rituals - institutionalized days of remembrance - most are focusing on the past. Earth day, James Hughes puts forward Earth Day as something different - in that it has a focus on the future of the planet - specifically environmental sustainability. Earth day has been a successful institutionalization of thinking about the Future of this planet and our relationship to it - we need more of that kind of institutionalization of future-mindedness in our culture.

James, having researched religion, suggests that its surprising how many religions who have interest in the future (i.e. the 2nd coming, end times etc) seem to focus on the past in their days of observance (death & birth of religious figures in the past) - rather than on holidays reflecting on expected future events.

Here is the audio of a previous Future Day discussion with James Hughes: https://archive.org/details/JamesHughesFutureDayMarch1st

We need YOU.. to hold the fort for the future..  be a Host on our 24 hour.. Futurathon... Send us the HOUR or TWO that you would like to moderate to thefuturesforum@gmail.com...

Remember to send us TIME ZONE as  + or -  GMT you will moderate on that day as well as your local time and where you are based.   

TIME Zone 1 is AUCKLAND and NOON MARCH 1st  which is GMT +12 

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Future Day is coming soon on March 1st 2016!
The future is where we all headed - so it's important! If we understand how to think about the future and then act on it, we are more likely to arrive in a future that we desire.
So what kind of specific future do you want?
If you fast forward to the future - what do you imagine it will be like based on your strategies for a) personal achievement? collective achievement (family or something more broad i.e. global)?

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#‎FutureDay‬ 2015 discussion with Ben Goertzel - updates on rapid advances in various engineering, technology and science oriented projects - recent AI developments, AI’s current state, and the future of AI development, and some biotech research (suspension (pickling), CRISPR, using AI to aid in biomed research).
Also we discussed Open Source & Basic Income Guarantee
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