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Thanks everyone for joining I hope u like it um try to get peeps to join but don't spam thx :)

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Here, first is +Undertale Trash's Lake/Oceanpaw, and Lake, the founder of LakeClan[yay history lesson kind of!]! Next is the fixed version of the Kingstar picture, since I messed up a little process[aka I made the stars invisible >r>]
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I'll make more later >r>
The first is Stormpaw, who is +Birddream ;3's, the next three are Foxfur, Adder, and Kingstar, who are AhemI'mSoSorryahem mine.. The fourth is Dancingleaf, who is +LeaTheMusician's, then again there's Loststar whydoihavesomanyocs... Then there's +LeaTheMusician's character Nightpaw, and then again, there's Pastelheart and Raventear.... I promise I'll make more later for everyone with a profile in the community, thank you so much for being a part of this place, even though it's dead{but I do want to resurrect it}, pale for you all! <> Have a nice day!
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Name- Stonykit
Age- 3 moons
Gender- She-Cat
Clan- ThunderClan
Rank- Kit
Mother- Silverheart (StarClan)
Father- Greenclaw (StarClan)
Sister- Forestkit ((open, black kit blue eyes))
Caretaker- Mossytail and Oakfur ((Only Oakfur is open))
Personality- Cheery, Curious, energetic, hyper
Likes: Playing with the other kits, sticking to Oakfur like glue.
Dislikes: Being called a Kittypet-Baby, When people call her sister mean things because she's antisocial.
~ Bio ~
She Is a 3 moon kit, along with her sister Forestkit. The two are the kits of Silverheart and Greenclaw. She loves playing with the other kits, and hates silence!!! Her and her sister are complete oposites! Nothing can destroy her happiness, not even when both of her parents died in battle, both Silverheart and Greenclaw. How Silverheart died was ShadowClan attacked the ThunderClan camp. Mossytail came to protect her, but she was too late. She was dripping with blood, and was gasping for air. The medicine cat tried to save her but it was too late. She was dead. When Greenclaw heard about this, he was furious. At the time, he was Depudy, so he lead an attack to the ShadowClan territory, where it was him vs. The ShadowClan Depudy (back then), Nightfur. She lunged at him, sinking her fangs into his shoulder, but he shook her off. He charged at her with all of his might, with his claws ready to attack. He jumped at her, and slammed into one another. He held up his claws in a threatening manner, same with Nightfur. But, his plan to slit her throat failed, as she did the same. He yowled with pain as he fell to the cold rocks underneath his paws. He took a huge gasp, and let it out. He was gone. Her dream is to become the best warrior there ever was. Silverheart's Mother was a beautiful ThunderClan She-Cat named Whiterose. She died of old age. But, her father was a Kittypet. His name was Furball, but his clan name became Redear, Which is why some tend to call Stonykit Kittypet-Baby. 

Name: Thistle [Current] > ???
Age: 7 Moons
Gender: She-cat
Rank: Undecided, but definitely not part of a clan.
Clan: N/A [Can change]
Mate: N/A [Can change]
Kit[s]: N/A [Can change]
Bio/History: Thistle was raised by her parents along with her siblings, and as per her family's customs, she has left into the world at the age of 7 moons.
Likes: Thistle likes meeting new cats, her family, white stripies[skunks]' fur patterns, and the large walkers[twolegs].
Dislikes: Thistle dislikes meany-faceys[mean cats, what? she's young and raised to act this way], and white stripey sent.
Flint - Mother
Flame - Father
Blizzard - Older sister
Thorn - Youngest brother
Fox - Sister
Drift - Oldest Sister
Agility - 7/10
Sight - 9/10
Stealth - 10/10
Hunting - 6/10
Climbing - 9/10
Swimming - 4/10
Loyalty - 10/10
Battle - 2/10
Leadership - 3/10
- Thistle was taught to say others names differently, as per her family's customs, an example is Fox becomes 'Foxy', Sharekit becomes 'Sharey-Kit', Winterslumber 'Wintery-Slumber', so on and so forth.

Here everyone, a plot thing! Prey is going missing in every clan, let what you do stem from that floats away

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Name: Changing Taste > Sharekit > Sharepaw [Current] > Shareheart
Age: 8 Moons
Gender: She-cat
Rank: Apprentice
Clan: StarStarClan, LakeClan
Mate: N/A
Kit[s]: N/A
Mentor: Starstar
Bio/History: Sharepaw was born to a rouge, who loved her very much, but knew she wasn't giving her the best life she could, so when they ran into StarStar and some other cats, she was given to them instantly. Sharepaw is still learning clan culture, but hopes to improve.
Personality: Sharepaw is one of those energetic, silly, 'always wants to impress you girls' will usually have met once. Sharepaw wants to be the best she can be, and cares deeply of what others think and want of her. Sharepaw is a bit naive, and will do what anyone older than her asks. Until she becomes an apprentice, she is happy being with the kits.
Likes: Sharepaw loves her new foster mother, and her old one, and she also likes learning, when she impresses another cat, any tom ever[she says "They make better friends"], every and any color, playing with others, and the thought of being a warrior
Dislikes: Sharepaw doesn't like the other cats saying she can't become a warrior, and she also hates it when a stick, or basically anything, is facing where she was heading[It just annoys her for some reason]
Icily Deep - Mother
Lime Tang - Father (Late)
Starstar - Foster-Mother
Agility - 5/10 [She's quick, but not graceful]
Sight - 7/10
Stealth - 2/10
Hunting - 5/10
Climbing - 2/10
Swimming - 6/10
Loyalty - 10/10
Battle - 5/10
Leadership - 1/10
- Remember when i made a post about Sharekit? Yeah, i was actually serious.
- Her parents were part of this weird culture, which had a weird naming thing where a name described something that the parents had experienced, her name was influenced of her mother's change in taste for food.
(Used base by NexusAdoptionAgency)

There was a fixable minor cave in at the entrance to LakeClan, some cats may or may not have died of hunger, and the rest are quite hungry. It took around moons to fix it.
CaveClan had a dog keep them in for around a few moons. They didn't suffer much hunger though.
LavaClan had too many injuries to come to gatherings for a few moons, but is over all well.
WiddowClan had, once again, a badger attack.
RiverClan had twolegs keep them in their borders, same to WindClan, ShadowClan and ThunderClan.
MistClan and MeadowClan are the only ones without incident.

((Hey everyone! It's gathering time!))
The Clans gathered in the fourtrees, it had been a while since the last gathering, even longer than a moon due to complications because real world delays in gatherings, but a lot of the cats coming were thankful they could finally attend the meetings once more
((Tagging the leaders because, gathering. +ShadowLeaf +Undertale Trash +Seijūrō Akashi))

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Thanks for making me a moderator! And also, Happy Easter everyone!
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