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Hey guys. Please join Planet Zongo. I want more people to talk with.


I think I should be a god of destruction

Hmmm..looks around

Post has attachment quiet......very peaceful...perfect. I began meditating

If i keep being at peace as I am, I'll become soft over the years and I won't be as strong. I have to train.
Goes super Saiyan 3

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+Son Taicario​ This couldn't be more accurate. Watch out Cell this is super perfect!

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Shinks down from 400 feet tall to 10 feet tall

Zeno can you make it so super shenron can only be used for godly wishes

appears...Zeno?...Zenoooo....where is he?..i must ask him to train me to be a better god!...sigh idiots they dont know what their doing...
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