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Hello welcome to Hogwarts!!! We have many things here that you can do learn magic and more. Be like no witch or wizard has ever been. Hogwarts is very safe I will say. But you still need to know the rules!! Rule 1 No bad words we may have younger kids here who don't need to know what those words mean. Rule 2 Yes there is sports here that where in Hogwarts like the ones you should know. Rule 3 no students are allow to walk around the school alone at night. Have a great day at Hogwarts we welcome you to are school with love and respect and care. (Yes you can do anything that happens in the books or the movies but that's it!!!!) Studunts Profile Temple: Name House Year. Teachers Profile Temple: Name House and what you want to teach. You must make a Profile . Please post in the right places please.

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9 and 3/4

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Battle of Hogwarts

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Name: Alice Aurora Waters
Nickname: Al, Aurora
Age: 16
Year: 6
Blood: Pureblood but doesn't care... sooo Bloodtraitor
House: Slytherin
Gender: Female
Height: 66 in
Weight: 95 lb (I know that she is like a feather
Hair Colour: Blone with brown
Eye Colour: Gray
Country Of Origin: England, London
Wand Wood: Vine
Wand Core: Phoneix Feather
Biography: Unknown for now, because noone knows her real parents rn.
(And A Picture Of Your Character And Wand)
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