I haven't played pinochle for many years, so I am wondering if there is someone out there who can help me get back into the game.

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Give a normal bid by announcing a number 10 points higher than the last bid.
Give a "jump" bid by saying a number at least 20 points higher than the last bid.
Say "Pass," thereby removing yourself from the bidding for this round. (If it looks as though the other players will be bidding for a while, go get a cup of tea.)
Say "Pass with help." This phrase removes you from the bidding for the round, but can be used to convey extra information to your partner. Note that some people do not allow the use of "Pass with help"; always inquire locally before starting play.

(Thanks to http://www.pagat.com/marriage/pinmain.html#thebid     for the above information.)

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Hey Everyone! It's time to learn how to play some Pinochle!

the rules are simple and the game is hard let star learning

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These is easier instruction on how to play

Pinochle seems weird, but it is actually not too difficult. Go out and teach the world!

Next, we mead. Mading is when you put down card combination to score.

There are several different combination of meads, take a look at Kaden's website link

Hey yall, feel free to add to the Pinochle discussion! More friends more fun!

Next, it is time to bid.
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