Hmmm, Do you guys think, that some people over at anime LA will dress up as some of the fairy tail anime Character? I know I might, I actually do a good gajeel laugh actually XD

We are making progress!! It may seem we have a few members, but we can still help this community get bigger! Lets try our best to get this community up and running :D

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We have to get more members! Lets try are very hardest to get more ok!

So, we are kinda off at a good start, we have 3 members....but we need to try and get a lot more, and help this community to grow! I know a lot of people are going to Anime LA next year, so a lot of them has to be on here! Lets try our best to get a lot of people on here ok! WE CAN DO IT!!! :D XD

Invite all your friends and help this community grow!!! :D
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