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If you’re facing issues and unable to resolve your Linksys wireless router’s problems then follow these 5 tips to troubleshoot #LinksysWirelessRouter problems...

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Asus Laptop Support Help Dial NOW | 18002945907 |

To fix this problem you can either get in touch with a Asus support provider or try some tricks on your own.


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A blog about modern wireless routers, technology within and popular models of various brands

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A tutti i miei follower...

da fine 2017.. questo account non verrà più aggiornato... vi invito a seguirmi sul nuovo account...


Stiamo lavorando per attivare entro settembre/ottobre 2017 IOTECH-ITALIA (, una nuova realtà destinata a fornire prodotti e soluzioni a chi si occupa di MANUTENZIONE in ambito INDUSTRIALE.

Non solo prodotti ELETTRONICI, ma anche "CHIMICI" cominciando da una serie di Sigillanti e Adesivi di produzione tedesca.

Abbiamo creato un pagina Facebook ( alla quale vi chiediamo di mettere un "MI PIACE" per restare aggiornati su novità e tecnologia...

Cosi come vi chiediamo di seguirci su GOOGLE PLUS al link

Grazie a tutti colore che ci seguiranno... e buone vacanze

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At 2012 year ,Chinese telecommunications provider ZTE held a field demonstration of an optical network capable of transmitting 1.7Tbps, the company announced . The network used Wavelength Division Multiplexing to achieve the thousand-gigabit speeds, which separates data into different wavelengths and transmits those wavelengths over the same optical fiber. In ZTE's demonstration, the company used 8 different channels, each transmitting 216.4Gbps. The transmission was conducted in China over 1,087 miles, on a standard fiber-optic cable.

at that time , ZTE's demonstration was just a field test, and there's no saying when the technology will be available in any practical sense. ZTE's press release implies that the demonstration was less about a specific product than proving an upgrade from a 100Gbps to a 200Gbps network was possible. The company reported "a 25 percent increase in spectrum efficiency" from the test.

Now networks delivering 40 and 100 Gbps are considered advanced,Sharetop can supply the wavelength division multoplexing for 40ch and 80ch , max transmiting can reach 1.7Tbps .
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