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who would you kiss?

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If you guys like Rosario Vampire and want to see the new season to reboot. Well, go to this link below and sign the petition.

Omg i love Rosario soooooooo

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Anyone interesting joining this club on Facebook called "Rosario Vampire Rebirth of Season 3" we can use your support to make it happen just click on this link below. We got some awesome arts, comments, and fun things you can enjoy! Who knows when the new season be made.

want to become a real vampire 
want to live forever
want to be immortal and accomplish everything
ok  listen up guys
you like vampires
and if your willing to do anything to become one well then email and contact the vampire lord
contact him or kaith my vampire brother
their emails are
time is running out
your getting old
help me recruit new vampires for the vampire family by sharing the info i have given you reshare this post everywhere for me

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Hello !!!!! Super big fan of Rosario+vampire !!!!! I have season 1 and 2 of Rosario+vampire manga !!!!!!Also I sell manga at
Kik: PrincesSeporah
Fb:Alexandria King

Hey there! Does anyone here roleplay Rosario + Vampire? If so, I'd like to roleplay with them. Reply below if you want to roleplay.

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Happy Birthday to this show for being 5 years old 

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Hello 👋 ♥
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