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Hello, and welcome to the home of the Nephilim, the Shadowhunters, those who apparently do a bizarre mix of fighting and being up to their ears in books. My name is Jameson Hightower, head of the London Institute, and I'll be your guide.


This is something I hope is obvious, but you should respect people here, Shadowhunter or Downworlder. Try your best to be polite, or at the very least civil if you don't find someone to your liking.

Confusion isn't a good state for anyone to be in, and in turn only makes others confused. Any questions should be asked in the "Questions for the Moderators" tab.

 This community is to use familiar terms, to be kept PG-13, and at the most TV-14. While you can say you "damned a demon to Hell" if you actually did such an act, don't blaspheme out of context.

If you overstep the bounds that are defined in this "RULES" post, you will be given a penalty based on what you did, and whether you repeated the incident. (See the "PENALTIES" section at the bottom of this post for more details.)

All of the above rules still apply.

I'm putting this one in for those of you who've never RPed before. An open RP is where you start a RP (two sentences or longer, please) and others can add to it, creating a story or scene. Try to make these as often as you can, as they're what keeps the community running.

 In order for the mods and I to make sure you're staying active, we will want to see what's called a Long RP. It's a RP, with 80+ words, that usually follows a long storyline, or is a follow-up to an open one you recently did. (Plus me in so I can see.)

 Inside and outside of RP, let's keep this away from any R-ratings. Most of the members of this community are between 13 and 18, and while we may know what can go on between people's sheets, we don't want to scar anyone for life.

You may not have your character kill him/herself at all. If you wish to get rid of your current character, you must give five reasons to a moderator, have them approved by me, and you can restart. Get rid of your character by sending them on a long vacation, or going to a new Institute/city.

All above rules still apply.

This is where we, the moderators, will notify you about any and all rule changes, upcoming community events, or simply post reminders. Check here often to see if there's anything you need to be aware of.

Your character sheets are very important, and it's really hard to see who you are if they're unorganized. They go in the "Character Sheets!" forum.

This one's pretty simply, but you'd be surprised how often it's broken. Put RPs in the tab of the city they occur in, outside talk in the "Chat" forum, etc. Just keep to that, and it's easy to see who's doing what in the community.



First Offense: Warning from a moderator, asked to delete/remove offending content.
Second Offense: Second warning from a moderator, deletion/removal of offending content.
Third Offense: Banning/expulsion from community.


First and Only Offense: Banning/expulsion from community.

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He's doing his best! 😂

Hello +Ceylan S.& +Dean Burke :)
It's been eons since I was last here but I want to get back on the wagon and I'm looking for a fresh start. But, I'm torn between creating a new character or staying with the old one. That's where you two come in, what would you recommend I do?

(Open rp) Ashley awoke from her sleep suddenly. She didn't know why but her instincts were on high alert. She stared out into the pitch blackness expecting something to move. She saw nothing. Cautiously grabbing her witchlight she shined it around her bedroom. Still nothing. She sighed and put the witchlight back on her nighstand. She was in the dark again. She then heard the noise again. Having enough she got out of bed and grabbed a small dagger preparing for the worse. She opened the door and....

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Name: Ashley Cold +ErinDykes
Age: 17 turning 18 on March 27th
Type: Shadowhunter
City: London. Came from the New york institute but relocated when her parents died. She wanted to get a new start.
Hair: long wavy brown hair with caramel highlights. she parts her hair to the side and has a few layers in the back.
Skin: Not pale but also not tan. She is kind of in the middle. her face is round with a narrow chin. she is tall, around 5’8 or 5’9.
Eyes: her eyes are amber or a light shade of caramel. thats why she got caramel highlights in her hair to match her eyes.her eyes are a little narrow and long but not drastic like the chinese.
Strengths: Her strengths start with her legs. Ashley has incredibly strong legs. She is fast even without the heightened speed rune. She also has a good sense of aim. with her crossbow in hand there is nothing that she can’t hit. she has good strategy too. Don’t challenge her to Monopoly or the game of life unless you want to lose.
Weaknesses: She doesnt have the best arm strength for throwing stuff. even though she has good aim she can never seem to get the ball or whatever she is throwing there. she is decent at hand to hand combat but she would most likely lose. she is better when she has a sword and uses her speed and agility to her advantage. Also never ever have her cook. Her cooking is terrible. she can’t even seem to get peanut butter and jelly right. she is also stubborn. she doesnt like to back down from anything.
Likes: she likes to run because she is fast and she just enjoys it. she secretly enjoys to read and write, she keeps a small diary but she tells no one about it. she obviously likes to hunt demons, although she won’t go out alone because she learned that lesson a while ago when she was inexperienced. She likes to be active overall.she can not stand the fact being cooped up in the institute all day.
Dislikes: she hates to cook. which is good sense she can’t cook anything. she hates being ordered around but deals with it because she has to. she doesnt like to hand to hand fight. (as mentioned in weaknesses) because she sucks at it. and finally she hates to lose. she doesnt know when to back down and know when she’s lost.
Powers: She has the ability to use a stele and to draw runes. she has heightened speed and agility with the runes but runs fast over all.
Other: Along with being stubborn she is a little bit sarcastic. and when by a little i mean a lot. but when she is not sarcastic she is really nice and smart. She clamps up about her feelings though and her past.
Note: ((ive been away for a while (i got locked out of my account oops) i dont know where my character is nor do i remember it. i also just want a clean slate. i apologize for not being on for ages but i finally got back in so can i just have this character please?))

i totally forgot/ got locked out of my google plus account. i dont remember my character and i dont even think i was in an rp. Can i remake another one. i know i will rp.


Part Two: But Far Away

"Behold me, for I cannot sleep,
And like a guilty thing I creep
At earliest morning to the door.
He is not here; but far away
The noise of life begins again,
And ghastly thro' the drizzling rain
On the bald street breaks the blank day."
---- Lord Alfred Tennyson, In Memoriam A.H.H.

To: Jia Penhallow, Consul
From: Jameson Hightower

Consul —
I write to you now in haste, for both is my time running short, and for the fact that news of my situation has no doubt reached your ears already. If it has not, then you may as well read it now, and it it just as good (if not better) that you should see the words as they sprout from my own unsteady hand before it steadies at last.

In no uncertain terms, I am not well.
There has been no injury to my body, my person remains as intact as can be expected of any Nephilim of my age, and yet it is my mind that suffers, its hold more debilitating by the day, and I seem to have been offered no respite by the task given to me in the guarding of the London Institute. There are endless duties the likes of which, although anticipated, only my body is equipped properly to handle, and even then it is shackled to a crumbling, maddening brain.

Medications have been tried, every mundane psychiatrist has offered relief, what little they can give, and all they can — to some avail, but not enough for my handle on this all too fine Institute and its denizens to be anywhere near stable. In this case, I am not asking for merely a “stepping down”, for such a thing is no doubt necessary and likely brought up to you already as soon as news of my incompetence has come, but I must implore – plead – for release as well.

Even as this is being penned, my bags are not packed, but disposed, what little possessions a mundane priest could have brought long since gone or given to the goodwill of the secondhand charity on Fleet Street. My personal effects that are of no value or use to anyone — journals, the more religiously inclined of my books — have gone either the way of secondhand bookstores or the “rubbish” bin, as the denizens of this Institute are inclined to call such. The only thing that remain in the room I can scarcely call such — to a man such as myself, it is both bed and prison, both beautiful solitude and maddening loneliness — are the bed, made as it was upon my coming, and all the impersonal furniture that was here then, as well.

Only that which I now write upon, and what I write with, are anything close to being called mine, and even then they shall soon be sent forth from my hands and into yours, for I now require no possessions, nothing of worldly value shall be mine, for I would — will — give all such things up for a peace in my mind, for a rest, for a distancing from the fits of such battling spirits in my head that I have been unable to properly head this institute.

It has been determined, by my own decision and own free hand, that I shall find peace again, a peace I have not truly known since my coming here, a peace I will hopefully feel in my bones forever once it first comes to settle in their hollows. I have asked, I have made the necessary visits to the City of Bones, and even as you read this my old Marks are, no doubt, burning, turning to cinders as I take upon a new flesh, a new, more beautiful life.

In the knowledge and security that it will bring me at last to the shores of peace I have yearned for, I now am now waiting for the transport of the Silent Brotherhood to make its way towards the Institute, for I mean to take their marks as my own, and become a member of the Order. Though I was once called upon to be a fighter, never let it be said that they do not fight, for even though theirs may sometimes not be the common shadowhunters' enemy --- they fight age, disease, pestilence and against lies rather than many demons --- they are still a cause nobler than I could ever achieve as I am now, a mortal man plagued by his own mind.

Before I even took upon myself the marks of the Angel, I was a mundane priest, searching for a purpose in life that I thought was only through God, and I believe that the Brotherhood will offer me such a purpose again, a chance to redeem myself in my own eyes, a chance to relief a tired mind that will never rest so long as it remains within these walls.

Whatever you shall do about my replacing, place it in the hands of someone who truly deserves the title. A just person, an honest person, and perhaps a kind one as well, if you can fit it in. There must be a hand more powerful (and yet gentler) than mine to command the Shadowhunters of London, a hand more familiar with their ways, their culture, how they live and breathe and respect these four walls. I have no doubt there will be happier times to come here once I am gone, for no true happiness can come upon these young Nephilim while I stand among them like a ghost.

It is better for us all this way.

Yours in understanding,
-- Jameson Hightower
The London Institute for Shadowhunters
Church of All-Hallows-the-Less
London, England

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Hopefully, th'holidays have been kind to everyone, in both New York and London, and as we ring in the new year, we'll hopefully be ringing a new life into the community! Remember to check this tab for updates, and the "NEWBIES READ NOW!" for all of the guidelines.
- Dean
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“The most lovely, and yet most heartbreaking of things often come in threes.”
--- art by cassandra jean
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For the quickest knowledge of what to post where, I've provided some small descriptions of each to help.

This should be fairly self-explanatory, but is where the rules of the community are posted, and kept to be referred to at any time. The format for character sheets, bestiary for character types and powers, and general rules are all kept here.
Only mods post in this tab.

Where the moderators post the latest announcements about the community, such as rule updates, reminders, and public safety announcements. 
Only mods post in this tab.

A place where the active running roll call -- updated every two weeks at minimum -- of community members, regardless of Institute/city is kept. Please post a long RP at least once every three weeks to be on the roster.
Only mods post in this tab.

4) Questions For The Modifiers
Got a question, or searching to see if what you want to ask has already been answered? Ask it or find it here. This is where you can ask anything from general rule clarifying questions to, in special cases, if you'd like to create a new character.
Anyone can post in this tab.

5) Idris
This is a special RP tab, and the first of the RP tabs. In certain cases, all Shadowhunters in the community may be required to visit Idris, the homeland of the Nephilim, and the glass city of Alicante. Usually, this is in the most dire of situations, often at the advent or ending of a great war.
All shadowhunters may post in this tab if necessary.

6) New York City, USA
For our American shadowhunters, the most busy and internationally-minded Institute is that of New York. Though we aren't a canon community (we're only set in Cassandra's universe, though the Mortal Instruments characters don't exist), this is the Institute you all should be familiar with if you've read the Mortal Instruments. Characters residing in this city roleplay here.

7) London, England
For the shadowhunters across "the pond", the most noteable and one of the eldest Institutes is in London. Though it has recently fallen out of the care of the Herondale family after the disappearance of its last apparent heir, rumors have been set awhirl about the return of another, and it is under their control the Institute resides. For those familiar with the Infernal Devices, this is that Institute, though in the modern era.
Characters residing in this city may post here.

8) The City of Bones
When a Shadowhunter dies, is born, or needs to be healed beyond what the travelling of the Silent Brothers can't provide, they must travel to the City of Bones, the underground city where all shadowhunters must go when they die, and where the Silent Brothers learn their arts.
Only shadowhunters, Silent Brothers, or Iron Sisters may post in this tab.

9) Chat
Got something related to the Shadow world to talk about out of character? Talk about it here, and label your spoilers!

10 & 11) Events/Photos
Google+ thought it might be an excellent idea to have tabs that the moderators, much to their chagrin, can't get rid of and never use. Don't post in these, and we won't have to clean them out later.
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