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MACHINE MAN was a Drummer ?

Hello. What do you think about new runtime of apps- ART ?

So far the  best Android metronome I've tried. One problem for me: the status bar is hidden, with no option to show it. Even when I am practicing, I rely upon the status bar to indicate, for example, new emails (like today, arranging carpools for a gig). 

I'm running v1.9.02 (pro) on a Nexus 4 (SlimKat 4.4.2).

If I have two devices (i.e. Nexus 4 and a Transformer Prime Infinity) and opt in for the Beta Build, would I be able to limit the beta to only one of my devices? I would like to utilize this fantastic metronome in its production form on my tablet and use for live performances, but would love to help out in the beta on my phone. I did purchase the Pro version, if that makes a difference.

cool metronome, i think drummer must have this apps.

I just uploaded V1.8.11 to beta.
I had to change quite a lot under the hood, because I finally updated Holoeverywhere from a pretty old version.
Please give it a very thorough look.

Polish translation added
Slideup panel: Notes textsize can be changed and notes are scrollable

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With an updated user interface.
Slide up the new panel for a minimalistic view with an even faster access to all lists and metronomes.
Couple of bugfixes

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bug still persists. every time i quit the app or task kill, ads go back even if already redeemed the promo codes. that means if i need to click back redeem code every time i run the app back.

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There is a bug that even after I entered the promo code in, I have to keep going through the promo code process to make the ads go away. This happens during every app update, and device restart.
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