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#NealBoortz  States in the audio commentary that airs on +News 95-5 and AM 750 WSB that #opencarry   #opencarrytexas  was infiltrated similarly to how the Leftist brought confederate battle flags to #TeaParty  demonstrations.  Which I wouldn't doubt....Why would someone who wants gun restrictions buy a gun?

If you can't access it, here's a link to a page filled with his comments......

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Glock 9mm for the Prepper or Survivalist

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We Will Pry Your Gun From Your Cold, Dead, Fingers LTC Bateman

Delving even further into the world of technology I now have this Google+ community.  Quite frankly, all of this electronic  interconnectedness is a little overwhelming.  I guess we will see if old dogs can learn new tricks.
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