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HEY PEOPLE. YES YOU. Please please pleeeeeeeasssssssssse do me a favor and post the things you post in the right category or they will be removed and please flag whatever you think is unnecessary in here and I will check ASAP if it is or isn't.

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My 12 year old and I nearly break the furniture watching this video.

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Bullet For My Valentine - Her Voice Resides(Legendado/Traduzido)OFICIAL |HD| Agressive Version

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😎 FREE Metallica 🤑 Tour 2017 Tickets Giveaway 👍👍

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Could you guys give me recommendations for bands like

Sleeping with sirens
Black viel brides
Bring me the horizon
Pierce the viel
Fall out boy
Panic! At the disco
My chemical romance
Bowling for soup
Green Day
Frank iero and the cellabration
Five finger death punch
Get scared
Hollywood undead
Twenty one pilots

Some aren't post hardcore but oh well XD

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The Devil Wears Prada - Worldwide (Official Video) Reaction!!!

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Here, we are a creative collective of band lovers,gamers and art lovers alike. The people here are kind and respectful, and we all have the primary goal of being an enjoyable community to be around. This server is community based, meaning that the community controls the server. Of course, the admins and the moderators work to make this server good, but every suggestion, comment and review brought up to us is thought over. We will always listen to you. server invite:

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