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Check this out!

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We have ended our Open Beta program from now. Our App is now live to public.
If anyone want to leave the beta program can leave.
After leaving the program, the app will remained installed in your device but you will become normal user.
Thank you for your support.
Follow the link and click "Leave the program"

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From today we officially terminating the Closed Beta program and Starting Open Beta program.

You can invite your friends and families to try this app without any restrictions like before. I.e Joining this group.
Use this Play Store link to invite them:

Special Thanks to each and everyone for supporting the app and idea.
Keep Sharing :D

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This is the actual character made with WeeSee.
To make something like this you have downloaded the white background from the Internet and you can get all the assets in the WeeSee new update.
Finally craft them.

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We finally have a new update.

Whats new in WeeSee Free 1.4
β€’ New assets added. Explore more.
β€’ App launcher logo updated
β€’ User interface improved

Credits: Thank you Mr. K Avinash and few other anonymous people who did not mention their names in feedback for helping us to bring this amazing new update to everyone.

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News: Mr. Barfman is reported in several places in world.
He is a sticky barfer.
How did he escaped from my mobile?
#WeeSee #Imagine

(Character background images i.e, Forest, Beach, Desert, Street are used only for representation. Images are taken from internet.)
Animated Photo

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Suggest features, assets and your requirements in next update. Next update will be released soon.
Be a part of developer team!

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Look what I have found today.
#WeeSee #lookwhatihavefoundtoday

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WeeSee Closed Beta Testers Official Community
Let's make things interesting
Why are we here?
> To help improve the user experience
> To help generate new ideas for our application
> To help find and report bugs
> To help suggest new resources for application
> Sharing own work output with the community to get a better understanding what user actually need.

|| Useful Resources ||
Google Play Store:

User Manual:

Feedback Form:
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