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come one..come the blood bath of us bloods...shameful muts..anyone..welcome to the cell of delirious insanity..
1)Romance is allowed but sexual content is tooken to private post or 18 + Roleplays

2)cursing Is allowed but nothing too vulgar or harsh towards anyone or else it'll be a strike

3) any type of species is allowed but it is speificly put on the theme of vampires

4) please be serious or atleast try and take roleplay seriously without acting idiotic

5) if asking questions you talk to mods or owners

6)never disobey anything the mods or owners say

7) no goddmodding or else it'll be insta-ban or 2 strikes

8) ✩ Have Fun!~ ☆

0) 3 strikes and your banned or removed from the community
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((Closed Roleplay for +Zekeria The Dark​))

((Title:freedom? Or fear of doom?))

((Kid solar was wandering the castle of viktor darkblood, not knowing what to do but tried to hide when she heard someone walking up stairs. She was under stress and alert from who ever it was coming upstairs))

((Open rp))

((Title:fangs and friends?))

((Solar and +Zekeria The Dark​ were oddly lounging around lazily not really knowing what to do, solar being badly starving from not really biting anyone or anything else. Aside from biting zekeria, she seemed to of wanted to bite something else but shook her head, mumbling her thoughts and looking around))

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((closed rp))

((Title: past of fangs))

((Solar as a child lived in viktor darkblood's (( +Zekeria The Dark​​)) castle, knowing the guards were after her since she was seen running from them and she was partly human so she couldn't easy run or hide but she hid the darkest enenra child's room, she seemed to of felt more safe and comfortable but still knew she wasn't so easily safe since of still being in high ranking vampire territory. But she sighed sitting on the bed talking to herself))

"Hmm...I wonder if I can run out right now..."

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Name: scar
Age: 20
Animal: Demon Wolf
About Scar: He is the last of his kind and his kind is very rare.

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name: shadowna
nickname: vampires queen
age: unknown
personality: speachless,clam,evil
like : roses,hunting people,see someone cryingand blooody things
dislike: vampire hunters
powers: illsturation,flying and dark magic
bio: unknown


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Name: Joe rift
Age: 16/16'000
likes:some times blood hangout train to get stronger
dislikes:being prove wrong seeing people getting hurt
personality:dark happy playful calm anger

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Name: laury
Age: 24
Likes; minato ,Chao , chaos , love💖💖💖
And singing
Dislike: being bulled at, getting hurt and being
A jerk😠


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(rp open) where am i

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Hey guys I'm new here
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