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Freezer / Collections App Beta Released

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We've been working on a new app that we think is ready to migrate from Alpha to Beta status.

It's a generic 'collections' application that allows you to create collections (groups) that have containers (boxes) that have items (junk), nested to multiple levels. Whilst it is generic, we will target certain markets, such as 'Things in my Freezer' or 'Storage Manager' for those items in your freezer or attic/garage respectively.

So what can it do?

* Create and manage collections
* Items have names, notes, quantity and expiry.
* Items can have pictures (camera or photo library support)
* Items can be created by scanning the EAN/UPC (lookup via Amazon and others)
* Cloud storage so it's viewable from any of your devices.
* Collections can be shared so that other people can manage them too (subscription will be required eventually)

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Contact Lookup Fast v4.2.6(244) Beta Released

Layout Tweaks

Changed the photo image size and layout bounds to remove borders and increase the overall photo size.

The photo borders started to bug us :-)

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Contact Lookup Fast v4.2.3(24) Beta Released

Bug Fixes

Fixes a few bugs raised by Gregory and Rajeev, thanks.

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YANC Pro v1.16.2 Beta Released

Notification Vibration Disabled

Vibrating alarms are now disabled. We might make this a configurable feature, rather than enabling it by default. Thanks to Blair for the bug report on this.

Note that this version was built with Android Studio, so it might exhibit behaviour that is different from the Eclipse builds of old.

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Contact Lookup Fast v4.2.1(238) Beta Released

New Feature

Added an option to selectively remove a contact from the list of favourites by long-pressing on their search result.

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Contact Lookup Fast v4.2.0(234) Beta Released

Direct Call and SMS

We've added icons to the search results so you can call or SMS just by pressing the button.

Some caveats:

* Only works in grid view
* If there is more than one phone number, one of them must be set to the default, or the icons won't show.
* It calls immediately, there's no need to press call (though we may change this behaviour)

Thanks to Pedro for the idea.

Bug Fixes

We've fixed a problem where the app deleted the input text on startup if you were too quick at typing!

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TuneAnnouncer Pro v3.3.0.82 Beta Released

Notification Changes

The notification now contains two buttons to toggle announcements and toasts.

Thanks to Florian for the idea.

There's a known bug in this release where the status of announcements or toast is not dynamically reflected in the UI. This is a non-trivial problem to solve, especially when the OnSystemPreferenceChangeListener running in an Activity doesn't listen to changes made in a Service grrr

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Finance Free v2.1.0.28 Beta Released

What's New

Changes to the underlying view framework which now supports list-based animations.

Various bug fixes and performance improvements.

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Finance v2.1.0 Beta Released

What's New

We've been changing the underlying view framework. This has been through some Alpha testing and we've identified most of the crash-causing bugs. This build should be safe to use.

From a technical perspective, we've dropped ListView and moved over to RecyclerView. This means we've had to rework most of the Model-View-Controller architecture in the application, plus outsource much of the 'free with ListView' controls, like Fast Scroller.

Why do this?

* performance
* neat list based animations
* it's the future of Android
* fast scroller with dates

Note that this is for the 'paid' version. We'll look at releasing the free version over the next week or so.
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