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Name: Suzume Mori

Age: 14

Appearance: (see picture below)

Mental disorder (if any): PTSD, Depression, Insanity

Personality: Normally quiet, wouldn't hurt a fly and listens to whatever she is told. But when she snaps, traumatised, murderous, uncontrollable and bloodthirsty

Bio: Her upbringing was the reason behind her insanity. She was raised by only her father but was sexually and physically abused by multiple people, starting when she was 5 years old. Being abused for almost 10 years didn't affect her sanity very well as she can snap and kill everyone at anytime. She has to stay at the school which doubles up as a boarding school for the children who cannot return to their homes at the end of the day. She has to be slightly restrained at night for the safety of other students

[Character: Suzume Mori]

Her first day here. It hasn't gone well so far. Came straight off the streets after killing her father and everyone around her. She was found by authorities blood covered and holding a broken knife. She came here, but when she didn't recognise the environment, she had a mental breakdown and is now crying in a hallway. You were walking by, just got out of a lesson when you see this young girl crying. You....

• no Hentai please
• you don't have to be descriptive!
• any gender!
• I like long term roleplay so if I suddenly stop responding, I am probably sleeping but I will be back!
• have fun!

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