Why is release 2.5.8 available on F-Droid and not on PlayStore?

Love the app. I can play with a friend offline. I like that it is simple for study, no gimmicky graphics or sounds, and easy to import. On importing I have a question:
Some of my collections have been split and so follor simple format a la (;AB[x][y][z]AW[a][b][c]c[problemx]). This results in a full 19x19 view and loads a blank board. Other problem sets load only the solution with the same format.
Does Gobandroid require certain format in sgf files to function correctly? Go grinder will load the problem well but doesn't have thumbnail list. Hactar is ok but can't get over the gimmicky always-on graphics. Anyone have advice?

Hi, I'm very new here. I've never heard of this game and have no idea how to play it, for starters. I've read around the here questions and read something along the lines that tsumegos can really help for newbies, but everytime I click the tsumego it crashes the app. I'll try looking on Google for how to play this, but there should be at least a tab with some instructions, I literally have no idea what I'm doing when playing this, but I wish I had tho

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Version 2.4.5 which will go into beta today adds the feature to print games. This can be useful when you teach go to print some tsumego for your students #appsthatprint
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Hi! When I use handicap stones vs GNU go, the app hangs after just a few moves. Does anybody have this problem?
EDIT: Many thanks! Just upgraded (Sat, April 16) and saw that this got fixed! :-)

I don't know how recent this has been implemented, but the buttons for scrolling to the left and right seems to have shifted to the left because of the extra variation buttons on the right. As a right hander, this is mighty uncomfortable to stretch my thumb all the way there. Hoping if there could be an option in the settings to invert the left/right layout for both handers. Or an option to remove the variation arrows (which will move the navigation arrows more toward the middle),

Also this has been bugging me many years back since gobandroid got released - a lack of a button to jump to a specific move in the game.
Have always found it frustrating to scroll all the way back to my current move when I accidentally hit the 'forward all the way' button (which happens a lot) or if I closed the app accidentally without checking the keep game open tab. The problem is only exacerbated now with the change in button layout.

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Initial experiments with dark background for eventual Day/Night support:
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If you want to review the games Lee sedol vs Google Deepminds Alphago on the go on your Android Phone or Tablet - you might want to use Gobandroid which just got a material redesign:


You can get it on Google Play, FDroid and github

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What do you think about this

The share option seems to be buggy:
I use Android 5.1.1 and when I try to share the board state as Unicode characters a Drive file is offered for creation with Unicode Go chars in filename!!

Gobandroid is pretty cool btw
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