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Can we please have a group for the evolution games? They're by tapp games (I hope it's ok I put it under the My Boo group)

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1.Only tapps games
2.Dont be rude
3.Do not ask me to be a mod i will make u a mod if i want to
4.Dont say i HAVE SO MUCH MONEY DIMONDS!!!!!!(only say things like i got this new this thing)
5.Do not ALLOW RESHARES!!!!!(Ive heard some news about these things of community soooooo srry)
6.Comment are avalible only for voting how good it is ur.....u can ask the name of the app

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Its so hard to handle this alone so mods!!!now opening

Erned:2 dimond
Why:beacuse she 1+ my pic
Any words:WOW
Who: +Kelly BTS​​
From: +Jenesis Jimenez​​

Any words:
(this is what u have to fill if ur ganna give someone a dimond)
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