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Hello guys and gals! Our community's 13th anniversary is next month. Since we'll be renaming ourselves from PinoyPS to Pinoy PlayStation, we'll need a new logo. And to make our logo community-approved, we'll have a contest for it.

General rules
1. New Logo must envision what best describes the Pinoy PlayStation community.
2. New logo should use a unique or simple font, something to differentiate to our current one.
3. New logo should have the words "Pinoy PlayStation".
4. New logo should not use any copyrighted material such as PlayStation or Sony logo.

1. New logo could use any color, doesn't need to be red, white, blue, and yellow.
2. New logo could use gaming objects such as controller, directional pad, or even a single letter that represent something from a PlayStation game.
3. New logo could have transparency so it will look good in a light and dark background.
4. New logo write the words "PinoyPS" and "Pinoy PlayStation" together.

Winning prize
1. The creator of the chosen logo will get $50 PSN US load are any equivalent in other regions.

Submission of entries
Send your entries via email to or via private message to any administrator or moderator.

JPG, PNG or PSD formats.

January 22, 2016.

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How I picture people who trash talk online
Animated Photo

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It's rare to see a game with the word "handsome" in it.
Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel and Borderlands 2 are coming to PS4! Learn about The Handsome Collection — and its absolutely bonkers Claptrap-in-a-Box Edition — here:

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Do you want to customize your PS4?
Limited-edition PS4 faceplates are now available in the US: Any suggestions on the next batch?

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Trailer #2 of Tekken 7! All aboard the hypetrain!

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Here are the pre-order DLC costumes for Dead or Alive 5 Last Round

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Here's another trailer for Dead or Alive 5 Last Round preorder DLC costumes

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This week, the very first God of War game is released for PlayStation 2 in the US. Developed internally in Sony's Santa Monica Studio. It became a hit and an important franchise for the console manufacturer.


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Mukhang nauuso ang double dipping sa games a. Merong mga PS2 games na naging HD saka lately merong FFX | X-2 sa PS3 at Vita.

double-dip = buying/having the same game/movie twice but different version/edition.

Kaya ito ang ating Thread of the Week!
Games You Double Dipped Or More
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