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hey guys i'm new here

Name; Queen Nimue - Lady of the lake (amy rose)

Nickame: Nimue or Ames




Likes; sonic,kingdom,friends,helping people's,my royal knight people's,dance,sing,drawing,save sonic,save people's,protect and forgiving,good

Dislikes;Dr.eggman,scourge,Devil king Arthur,get hurt sonic,get hurting people, killed myself,bad

Bio: i'm lady of the lake and my hero they sonic save helping people's and i because dislike scourge and dr eggman they hurt people's
and sonic when hero sonic good very save enjoy peoples was from kingdom and i protect sonic and friend's and forgiving nice kind and enjoy and i protect royal knight people's

Smiles warmly giggles
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Name: Sir Kino (Carmack the Hedgehog)
Age: 13
Species: mobian hedgehog
Gender: Male
Weapon: the sword of kelos (a blue glowing sword)
Birthplace: the springs of mystery
Persona: chivalrous, serious, kind, heroic and mysterious
Attack style: speed
Powers: wind elements, chaos sense (ability to sense the emeralds along with the master emerald and others chaos energy) and the ability to fly
Likes: training, keeping things in check, expeditions, loyalty and guarding
Dislikes: enemies, darkness, thieves, thunder and water
Rival: Sir Lancelot (Shadow)
Description: has the armour of chronic history on with a white and red cape on over and also has a helm that go over his whole face.
Backstory: no one knows who he really is or what his backstory is, All we know is that he was something related to being "godly".

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Name: Knight Alex
Age: unknown
Bio: Alex is friendly and fun to be around unfortunately he is very sensitive because of being bullyed when he was a baby so he doesn't talk to much he is a vampire he is still learning to control his powers.
Family: orphan
Likes: making friends
Dislikes: bully's or seeing others hurt
Favorite food: candy pizza an fruit
Personality shy aggressive (mostly shows aggressive side)


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Any sonic would like to friend her she's new Amy rose +Amy Rose-sweet rose

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Thanks for the invite.

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