Hello everyone!

After a few months (more than a few, actually) I spent abroad, I just started again developing WhatSong.

In the next hours, you will receive the update 0.4, one of the latest before we get out of the beta.

- Google Now replacement: you can swipe up from Google Now to start a provider that you can choose easily from the settings and change it every time you want
- New Shortcut creation Activity, in full material design, thanks to +Lydia Selimalhigazi 
- New logo (again thanks to +Lydia Selimalhigazi )
- New settings Activity, now global to the whole app
- App Invitations! Directly from Google I/O, you can start inviting people directly from the app (this feature is the one I would really love to have tested, if you can help me)

Thank you all, I'm waiting for bugs! :-)

Hello everyone, I'm pushing a new update on Beta Channel fixing a few bugs and sending me a more comprehensive report

Hello everyone! I just published a new version on beta channel: with this release, I inserted the possibility of sending reports when somethng changes or a package does not work with WhatSong! Stay tuned for more news!

Hello everyone! I just pushed an update on beta channel: as requested a few posts below, I implemented the possibility to add a custom number of shortcuts to your desktop!

Please, let me know if you encounter any bug

It would be really great if WhatSong offered shortcuts as well that we could use without DashClock. It would be useful to assign WhatSong to a gesture, for example. Thanks. :)

I've selected Soundhound as my provider and I have it installed, when I select it to search for a song, sometimes the app opnes up and I have to press the button in the app to make it listen, sometimes it listens on opening up. I'm assuming it should always be the latter. Maybe it is a small bug you can work on removing? Otherwise the app does what its description  says.

WhatSong is now stable and available on Play Store!

Where can I find the link to download the beta from the Play Store?

Prime impressioni a caldo:
È giusto che avendo selezionato sound search mi apra gnow?
È obbligatorio il passaggio a un'altra app? non si può fare tramite dashclock? Non avendo mai sviluppato app non so come funzioni, ma se si potesse fare da dashclock sarebbe perfetto ;)
Per ora direi 4 stelle e mezzo :)

Il play store dice elemento non trovato :(
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