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for anyone who can't read the description here you go
Greetings and welcome to the world of no happy endings, no rule, we pretty much have nothing other than our stories and our strange powers that we always had for some reason we don't remember all we know is that we all have one power different from all the other, a power that make us unique in a weird way. However, no matter how hard we try there will never be a happy ending here everyone sees us as villains, monsters, demons and normal people fear us for good reasons of course we had enough of this torment of no happy endings they must see the painful truth of the cruel world. Yet they found themselves people to call hero's that will protect them from us we will not give up no matter what the consequence, no matter what we have to do we will bring a world of no happy endings to all of them they will see THEY ALL WILL SEE!

1. Absolutely no bullying outside roleplay
2. Seeing there are no rulers I will not be accepting any princess, prince, king, queen, emperor, ect that will lead to an automatic disapprove
3. All the "villains" have one power different from another so make sure you don't have someone else's same power
4. Nothing oped please
5. No you can't be related to any character from shows
6. Read the rules
7. Please no nswf if you have to do it please take it to private
8. Yes you can kill someone as long as you have their permission and a mod/owner is notified of this change
9. Hero's are allowed to sneak in and spy on the villains and visa versa
10. Please please please no spam
11. Please do not start any drama if there is a problem please contact a mod/owner right away
12. Post in the right category please
13. Please try to stay active and keep the community alive
14. Please make a bio and wait until it is approved before you roleplay
15. Please have fun and reshare this community with your friends so it may grow

Sign up for Hero's/ Villains:
Age: (can't be immoral)
Race: (if you have one no Gods)
Power: (only one can't be immortality or a god)
Other: (optional)

Normal people Sign up:
Age: (human age please)
Race: (mainly Humans)
Other: (Optional)

timothy watches the townsfolk from the bell tower

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Cloak walks into the village looking around a bit in hopes to not accidentally run into someone who may used to know him for any of the sides heading towards an old abandon home that was slightly burnt down he touches a piece of the building and sniffs it a little seems like this has been like this for a few days he says muttering to himself interesting he then freezes where he stands and slowly moves a hand towards his hidden sword as he hear foots steps approach him so he swings himself around keeping a hand his sword just in case to come face to face with.... (open)

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Name: Sasha Beckett
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Race: Human
Job: Pet and People Cafe Owner
Family: um I cant remember If you wanna be family ask you can be a villain and i will accept
Bio: I can only recall my memories from when i was 19. I always loved animals and talking with everyone. Although i am a bit forgetful as well as dumbfounded. You can meet me one minute then the next i will forget what you look like but remember eveything else about you. At 20 I started a cafe where you can bring your pets and relax. At the cafe I have my little ferret that I sometimes forget is a ferret and will call it a dog. His name is mudkip because he was covered in mud when i found him (Also i like the pokemon). People often come to the cafe with their problems and talk it out with me. On the weekends i love to go out riding on my motorcycle although sometimes i run into villains. Eversince powers popped up i have been having trouble with them but im not scared. I once threw my helmet at one ya that didnt end well...
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Name: Timithy Finnigan
Age: 973 (but wont live forever)
Gender: male
Sexuality: gay
Race: vampire
Power: telpethy 
Bio: Timithy was born in norther scottland. her contracted a rare genetic abnormality that turned him into a  daywalker vampire in the womb. as he grew older he changed in appereance a lot slower then everyone around him. after he was about 100 he vowed to keep the peace of the world. he now severs as an elder hero for the land.

(i do not own the rights to the artwork but all photos are of young walter of the hellsing ultimate series)
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one version of drokamier

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Name: His real name is not known, but everyone calls them Cloak
Age: around mid20s
Gender: Unknown to others but they believe male
Sexuality: Unknown
Race: Human
Job: Scientist
Family: refuses to talk about them for certain reasons
Bio: Cloak has lived in this town before magic was ever a thing, but when magic "randomly arrived" it hit a certain number of people so at first Cloak tried to help them all trying to understand the magic with them. However, as predicted many of the people got power hungry and were deemed as the "villains" and the people who wanted to stop them before things could get worse being deemed as the "heroes" thus the war between "good" and "bad" arose. Cloak started to get worried so he went into hiding for a long time and talked to a few villagers who didn't like the sides and wanted to stop them all. They were all apart of secret group that wanted to just get rid of magic for good, yet as life went on many of the members died or moved away leaving Cloak allow and worst of all he was looking suspicious by both sides so he went into hiding and started hiding his appearance from society he stole many items from all sides from either hiding information or to help him in his search for the answers, but he knows for sure that neither of the sides like what he is doing.
Other: no matter what he has a sword inside his cloak for protection and he never takes off the hood unless he trusts people enough or he thinks he's alone. He is also well educated on positions and chemicals
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Sign up...
Name Nicco Warnerson.
Age 1 1/2
Gender male
Sexuality Y=MX+B
Race human...
Family gaga goo goo
Bio agblah goo bah goo geh ga!

I'll be looking for people to help me mod soon, but I want to get this place active so let's hold a contest to see who can get people join here and make profiles I really don't want this place to die yet so who ever can get the most might be reward modship

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after putting a sign up on the library Johanna walks into the history section of the library grabbing a certain book then heads over to a table with a little kitten on it alright Elphie we are going to figure out what is up with crazy town villains can be like heroes and heroes can be like villains almost it's strange don't you think? the cat merely mews cutely as Johanna pushes up her glasses and signs a little Yeah it was crazy I don't think I want to see another hero or villain ever again she brushes her hair out of her face in anger no more being played as a pawn Elphie we are going to play by our own rules now she pets Elphies head a little bit as Elphie mews happily wagging her tail and Johanna smiles a little bit don't worry Elphie after all of this is over I promise things will look up for just wait you'll see we can all be happy again like we used to be the little cat purrs as Johanna scratches it behind its ear as she opens the book alright let's begin
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