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Well, I wasn't expecting that much attention. So I made this big post to regroup everything.
I need beta testers for the android app. To get review, and well, when I'm accustomed to some bug I do forget to fix those. For now the app only use wifi but I plan adding OTG (USB) and Bluetooth serial support.

You can find the "production" (right now an old version of the alpha) app here :
You can find the source code here :
You can register as beta tester here :
And you can post issues and features request here :

I need a general review of the app :
- The design
- The source code
- The bugs
- The functionalities (existing or request)

Thanks to you all. :D

Is there a way to repair the thermistor inputs on a SmoothieBoard 5XC? Somehow I don't get a reading on any of them. The thermistors both measure 100k Ohms. I fear the inputs were fried....

would i a Silencioso Stepper Motor Driver work with the smoothie board as i am looking for 128 steps rather than 16.

I have high hopes. So far it only crashes on connect.

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Last version look llitle weird and crashing still ocurrs when disable phone and wake up again. +Damien Fléty 

If anyone know a trick to fix the bug service binding/fragment in Android.  Without singleton.

I'm so jealous of the Octoprint app. Let's make this one better :D
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