Hola friends !

What is happening 13 mai with Platforma ? Some people here got spanish post from Luis

Thanks Hafþór Iceland

Post has attachment

Buenas tardes a todos. Quisiera saber si algún miembro de la plataforma dispone de copia del formulario para enviar la documentación que requería la fiscalía de los EE UU. Sé que estoy fuera de plazo pero de igual manera querría complementar la y enviarla.
Es una pena haberme topado con el foro tan tarde.
Si alguien me puede ayudar se lo agradecería.

Dear clients: 18.01.2017

We have been in communication with the Administrator and are able to report the following.

The process of confirmation of claims is painstakingly difficult, and has been taking a long time due to the need to identify duplicates – people who submitted a claim more than once, and sometimes with or without an attorney representing them. However, they are almost complete and will be sending out letters in the next 4-6 weeks which will be notices of VALIDITY or DEFICIENCY. Valid claims are what they have determined are accurate and acceptable – no further action is required. Deficient claims will be those where the paperwork submitted is inaccurate, inconsistent, or does not support the initial claim, and will require additional investigation and confirmation before being accepted and deemed valid. Claims will not be rejected outright without an opportunity to correct the record in the deficiency process. Our claims are all assumed to be valid, but if there is an issue with any of our clients, we will handle the amendment, if any is required.

After the deficiency process is complete, the entire project will be submitted to DOJ for its approval. We have no way of knowing what the impact of the election will be, or what the staffing will be, only that it is the responsibility of DOJ to complete the process and approve the distribution of awards after the Administrator completes their work.

As always, we will continue to update you as further information becomes available.

Happy new year people

One more year passed and nothing! Huhuh

No news from Luis and Platforma and we know nothing ! Huhuh

Human rights violation is broken with us! It can not explain it any other way, almost 8 years and nothing ! Huhuh

Have a great time with famley and friends....

Luis D !

Please some update to our platform ? What are our lawyer telling you about this delay ?

Hello, is there any news?? I have not heard from luiz Dias anymore since Juin, and also I was not on the list that I received..
thank you for any update.
Muchas gracias

Hola, he recibido una cédula de citación de la audiencia Nacional para asistir como testigo al juicio de GCS. A alguien más lo han citado? Esto es para los que presentamos la demanda en España.

Buenas tardes tengo una duda en el formulario ya me contestaron como sabe uno que valor se coloca cuando no viene impreso o como se averigua?

Bonjour à tous; il est évident que Luis Diaz est un Homme de l'ombre. Il a changé plusieurs fois de compte bancaire. Qui est ce Cardonna dont il parle et qui nous demande 15 €. Et enfin personnellement j'ai cotisé et aucune nouvelle, je ne suis même pas cité dans le listing qu'il vient de nous faire parvenir.
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