who wants to roleplay with me let me know and add me as a friend ok greets from me ^^

You guys know me!

Imma be Ginga.

 Name: Ginga (Galaxy in Japanese)

Species: Neko (cat girl)

Abilities: Shape shifting into a black cat or human, sumoning two katanas during battle, and sorcery. Powers are just beginning to develop properly (still a little dangerous)

Age: 10

Appearance: (During Neko form) Pink hair, right eye is completely black with gold specks (like stars) , left eye has a pink pupil. (And of course Pink cat ears and tail)
(During cat form) Black fur, golden pupils.
(During human form) Brown hair (long), brown eyes, tan skin, tall, perfect weight.

Storyline: Parents died in a war when I was 5. Ran away from home to not get captured. Lived in forest ever since. I befriended many animals. I have lived in the woods for 5 years eating what I can. I sleep in a cave with a makeshift bed. Many animals sleep with me.

Traits: Intelligent, very loving and kind. Will risk her life for anyone. Very strong (for her age). Is loved by everyone she meets. Questions everything and loves stars.

Secret: Has a psychotic mind. Sometimes feels like killing, but her loving and kind side takes over, so no harm has been done.
She is like a half moon, half bright, half dark.
However, she is very trustworthy and naive.

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NAME: Nula
AGE: 16
RACE: human duh
BIO: she is very kind and has a great sense of humor. but is really really shy
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