G+Takeout of Circles is now available in JSON. The problem is that there's very little info in there for each profile you've followed,
"firstName": "$First",
"lastName": "$Last",
"displayName": "$Display",
"nickname": "$Nick",
"profileUrl": "https://plus.google.com/$UserId"

So I figured you could work through them and use the $UserId to do a people.get lookup through the G+ API. That ought to fill in the gaps with all the publicly visible info
that you can see on their profile. Except that quite a few of the documented fields in the API documentation don't appear because deprecated. And even data like email addresses are not returned even if the other user has them set to public.

Is this a lost cause?

Code that needs writing related to the G+Sunset

- Takeout.G+Streams.Posts - > Blogger
- Takeout.G+Streams.Posts - > Atom
- Takeout.G+Streams.Posts - > Wordpress
- Takeout.G+Streams.Posts - > Reddit
- Takeout.G+Streams.Posts - > Other platforms that have an import or post API
- Takeout.G+Streams.Posts - > Static HTML as a better alternative to that provided by Google.
- Takeout.G+Streams.Posts.html - > Extract <body> section to files.
- Takeout.G+Streams.Posts.html - > <body> in markdown.
- Takeout.G+Streams.Circles - > Enhanced VCard/CSV with additional data via G+API.people.get
- Takeout - fix the filenames to deal with UTF-8 characters
- Find My G+ Contacts on platform XXX. Like https://bridge.joinmastodon.org/
- G+Community -> Archive of all the posts and comments

Maybe Google will provide some of this. Like Atom output and one click migration to Blogger. More likely is that the community will cobble something together from the takeout files and Apis.

G+ Takeout data structure documentation reverse engineered

Some experiences

More discussion in this community stream.

And specifically this post

The Takeout feedback form is hard to find. It's here.

Hello everyone,
I have a bit of a problem, i recently acquired a business and they have a Google + account but i dont have access to it. I have some information i have to change on it, is there is any way for to gain access to it?
I did something similar for their GMB account.

Google Plus Communities: Help, please!
Does anyone here have a workflow for extracting the text data from a G+ community? I need to extract the text and analytics for a community I own as part of a research project (approx 400+ posts over the past few years) before the G+ communities sunset. Anyone?

Our application has a Google+ sign-in mechanism. Will this be affected by the shutdown?

I don't find any details about in the developer documentation.

activities.get requires an activityId. Is there any way of getting from a Post's URL to the activityId?

Because as far as I can see Google's Takeout JSON doesn't include activityId which means there's no easy way for me to use the API to gather other info about the post.

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The more I dig into this the more mind boggling I find the decision to sunset G+

- What happens to all those buttons, badges, embedded posts and signins for G+ on other websites?
- How do you extract and archive content from within communities?
- We now need APIs to extract and archive non-public data.

And so on.

Pretty much everything here is going to sunset as well.

I have some questions about the G+ shut down

Are Hangouts and Photos remaining? I know Drive, Calendars, etc are, and I'm pretty darn sure YouTube is, and I think Hangouts and Photos will stay too, but I'm not sure.

What will happen to "Brand Accounts" attached to a consumer account? Cuz I have like 18 Brand Accounts made for to reasons.

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The review did highlight the significant challenges in creating and maintaining a successful Google+ that meets consumers’ expectations. Given these challenges and the very low usage of the consumer version of Google+, we decided to sunset the consumer version of Google+.

To give people a full opportunity to transition, we will implement this wind-down over a 10-month period, slated for completion by the end of next August. Over the coming months, we will provide consumers with additional information, including ways they can download and migrate their data.

Hey there!
We use googleplus api in our project, so user can link his account. Then we display a link retreived from https://www.googleapis.com/oauth2/v1/userinfo endpoint (field "link"), but we start getting links that leads to 404 page. Link shape looks like every other valid link (https://plus.google.com/USER_ID). Does anyone know why there can be invalid links or how to get rid of them ?
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