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Becoming Google+ Pages API Partner

Hi, I'm the developer of a Social Media Management Tool ( ) and we are looking for integrate Google+ to manage and publish on pages.
We submit to access Google+ Pages API but, we have never got a response.

PostPickr is the leader in social media managment in Italy. Press and a lot of users says PostPickr is the italian alternative to Hootsuite, Buffer, etc.
Currently we are focused in Italian market and offer great Italian language support. Thousand of our users, companies and professionals use our tool and are asking us to manager their Google pages through PostPickr. In the next months we will launch the international version too.
Here are some our numbers: 11.000 user, 45.000 managed social accounts, 5 millions publised posts.

Our tool can manage Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Telegram (and Instagram for analytics and engagement).
We would be very grateful to have a reply with reasons or/and suggestions on how could become Google+ Pages API Partner.

As other our competitors that are permitted to publish and manage Google+ pages (,,,, and the last and we ensure all best pratices to protect customers data, privacy and our tool is not very different to others (PostPickr is very similar to
Our servers are in Google Cloud and we use Firebase too.
Can someone help us to become Google+ API partner or clarify/suggest which are the best pratices to have success in becoming partner?

Thank you in advance.

I've noticed that the +1 count on the g+ button has recently disappeared from sites featuring it. In the past, you could scrape a page to get its +1 count from its button element. Anybody know how can we get to that now, as I don't believe there is an API option to do this either.

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We at NowFloats have a tool called Boost(Android and iOS) which allows a customer(local business) to create and manage their own website. We also allow them to share content directly from within the app onto social media websites like Facebook and Twitter. We are currently looking at creating Google My Business listing as well as a google + page for the merchant. For this we are looking at ways to post onto the Google + page of the customer.
Currently the only way to get access to post on google plus is to become a google + pages partner.

We filled the form form. But have not received any response from there.

We would be grateful if someone can guide us on how to become a Pages Plus partner and if there are any prerequisites to becoming a partner, i.e what features to add on our app etc.

PFB a screenshot of a post an update page for a customer.

Hi people!
I need your help with a problem I have been struggling with during the last two days.
I'm using the Google+ API to create a post on my profile, but for some reason I keep getting a 403 Forbidden Error which doesn't help that much. This is the exact response body of the error that I'm getting:
error = {
code = 403,
errors = [{
domain = global,
message = Forbidden,
reason = forbidden
message = Forbidden

The "forbidden" reason means "According to access control policy, the current user does not have access to perform the requested action. ". So I thought there may be a problem with my scopes, but I am using the two scopes which are specified as required for creating a post. This is the list of all scopes I'm using:

I really hope someone can help me. If it is of any help, here you have the exact curl request that I'm sending:

curl -v -X POST$ -H "Content-Type: application/json" -H "Authorization: Bearer $access.token" -d '{"access":{"domainRestricted":true,"items":[{"type":"domain"}],"kind":"plus#acl"},"object":{"originalContent":"This is a test post"}}'

Thank you all in advance!

Is there any way to fetch the posts from a Google+ community via API ?

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Hey, we’ve just released a free Android library which provides you with an unified API to integrate e.g. Google+, Facebook, Twitter or Slack in your App. Could that be helpful for you? We’d love to get your thoughts on it. You can get it from GitHub:
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Problems by asking permissions on extension of hangouts #Error: origin_mismatch,
which is how to set this correctly?

a # Client-ID-for-Web-application it was created, but we do not know what would be the correct Authorized JavaScript Origins

Could you give us track this, you can not configure properly

Thanks to all


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Sticking with the problem, there is no response from google for this problem.
Users report that often happens but no response from google about this, please help google

Anyone who can comment and know something to solve this welcome your comments


We are a company of programmers, we have created an extension to hangout, everything works well as a private app, it fails to publish the app.Google console gives me error processing the request

Has followed in the footsteps of #https: //
but still the same, does not publish the app

I help please, I place no channels to communicate with you

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Pre-populating Circles (or Communities) for your organization
Does anyone have code or instructions on how to get this to work?

"... the Google+ Domains API enables Google Apps domain administrators to pre-populate the Circles of new employees..."

Ideally I would like our users to automatically see posts from other employees in the company, without having to go and search and follow each one of the 1000 employees. I have seen it referenced numerous places but only samples of code. Looking to see if someone already has this running in their org and how they did it. 

Blogpost mentioning pre-populating:
Domains API page mentioning pre-populating:

So first of all apologies for a very noob question. I'm currently learning Javascript and started to play around with the G+ Web api.

So I'm looking around on the REST section, found the following to access JSON object of your profile:


When I try plugging in the URL with my real userId in the end, this is what I got (I'm currently logged in to my Google account)

Any advice on how I can make it to show my profile? I'm a bit lost at this point.

Thanks for your help!
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