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Community Opening!!
(Admin is all jittery).
Welcome to the Remnant Crown Galaxy Role-play community. Now, this community is more built on the premis of infinite possibilities and rather than multi-fandom tie ins. So aside from that, we hope you have a great time!!

We are original character friendly but strongly suggest against bringing overpowered/hax characters of any kind to the community. Aside from that, we welcome your stay and hope you a great time.

Have a quick glance at the community lore and information, post a profile/character sheet, write a small-scale story or make memories with other people! Come on in, we invite y'all to!!

Community Info
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(Open rp)
it was an ordinary day in South Park, or at least as ordinary as the "quiet" little mountain town could get. This town had quite a few strange things happen, from an actress turning into a female mecha-godzilla, to Satan (or at least some version of him) literally raining down hell and demons onto the town. In the center of all of these were four boys, Eric Cartman, Kyle Broflovski, Stan Marsh, and finally, Kenny McCormick. Kenny, unlike the other boys, had a special gift, or a curse as he thought of it. He couldn't die. Not permanently anyways. He would die in various horrible ways, and then wake up in his bed the next day. But this lack of permanent death meant Kenny would do things others would think twice before doing, he would frequently jump into dangerous situations to rescue others in need. Although this has gotten him killed before. Either way our story begins in Kenny's small run down house on the edge of town at night. A beaten and bloody Kenny was currently wrapping his wounds in old gauze and tape after an incident with some small time criminals.
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Name Kenny McCormick
Age 19
Gender Male
Species Human
Weapons anything he can get his hands on, including a 9mm pistol, knives, pipes (the metal variety), and literally anything else he can get (which includes a high caliber sniper rifle he somehow got when he was a child)
Abilities/ special powers he can't die, or rather he can't stay dead that is. Once he is killed he always wakes up in his bed the next day.
Skills: parkour, is a capable hand to hand fighter and marksman on account of his vigilante alter ego Mysterion.
Personality: as a child he was quite perverted, although he grew out of this once he hit age 14. He could be considered heroic as he will risk his life to protect or save others as he doesn't fear death, he has a cheerful facade he puts up to hide his inner turmoil because of his multiple deaths and the fact that no one remembers the fact that he died.
Bio: born in the small mountain town of South Park, Colorado, he was what seemed like a normal child, other than the fact that he was practically immortal as he couldn't stay dead even if he tried. He grew up in South Park which is where most of his deaths took place, although no one ever remembered. He eventually moved away leaving behind his family and his little sister Karen.

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αωεsσмε! αησтнεя ηεω cσммυηιтү тσ נσιη! cαη'т ωαιт тσ sтαят яριηg нεяε sσση σηcε мү ρяσғιℓε ιs ∂σηε!


So... This is going to sound like a dumb question... But what was the original community this was revamped from? I've been trying to figure it out, because I don't think I know anyone here. I went through a lot of the members list but couldn't find any names that looked familiar.

i dont ever remember joining this community
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