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This is my rp character.
Sex: Female
Element: Dark fire
Animal: Wolf, fox, human hybrid
Dating status: Single
Home: None
Backstory: Woke up in a facility with no memory and all I had was a heart shaped locket. I was expieremented on along with others. I excaped and I am looking for my family.
Medical Symptoms: Personality disorder.....Description: I have one main person(the one you see)but I-LITERALLY- change into different people.
Name: Firess
Description: I think boys are over rated and I am a lesbian and I can be really moody. I like to think the woods are my only home.

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It's a stormy day. I'm walking in the woods home to school. You go to my school and you are watching me. It is a 20 min walk to my house on sunny days. On stormy days it takes an hour because I can not take the detour. I trip and twist my ankle. I get up though. It might as well be night. I do not notice you watching me. I trip again and have trouble getting up. You then come over and......

Wanna rp u came to the right place
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