Are you sure you are not missing data when crawling / scraping? It seems to have very thin data in spanish news sources. I can clearly get more results by scraping, say, than using webhose API.

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We're starting to test Webhose as an alternative to direct scraping. So far it looks pretty promising as a primary source, although for our needs we'll still need to do some internal scraping for data older than 30 days (which, for our use-case, makes more sense than the "roulette" approach webhose uses for historical data).

As such, here's my question:

Is it possible to "ping" the API with a single URL (instead of a keyword), in order to get data like crawl date, performance score, sentiment, replies count... etc?

If it is, then we could unify our reports so that "house data" matches Webhose data. Any advice appreciated, thx.

Using php I can seem to include the ts partameter


$params = array("q"=>"videgaray AND trump ");

Will always give the default 3 day results. Any ideas?

I need some help on the php SDK to create requests

Sory it should read:
Using php I can't include the ts partameter

How can I serach by 2 or more langages like language:(spanish OR english). That seems to be a legimitate request. Any special syntax?

Can you guys post a working example using POST in php?

I can't seem to get the REST api to work at all when using POST.
I need to test a query with a very large number of terms (more than a GET request typically handles)

Hi Ran,

Are you planning to provide a PHP Sdk for the api?

I'm new to Webhose and interested in using to crawl data for our clients.I'm trying to integrate Webhose java SDK when i try to run the provided i bump into " Remote host closed connection during handshake" this error. I'm using Java 8 and using HttpRequest.Any help will on this will be deeply appreciated.

I'm new to Webhose and interested in using it to monitor news for our clients. The query I used (within Webhose) seemed to return a very small sub-set of the actual number of news articles on Google News for the same query. Anyone have experience monitoring news? If so, does Webhose cast a fairly wide net?
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