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Name: Caitlyn Golden
Nickname: Catty
Age: 11
Gender: Female
Grade: 5th
Homeroom: 147
Teacher: Mrs. Cabochi (Ka-bak-ee)
Likes: Caramel, Pop music, Red, and much more!
Dislikes: Bullies, kidnappers, criminals, and more!
Bio: Caitlyn was 6 when she was kidnapped and brought to a stinky house. She was abused there, and when she was rescued by her brother, when he was fighting the kidnapper, the kidnapper killed her brother in front of her. Then the kidnapper smacked her, making lose consciousness. When the police found them, she was shivering on the ground and they immediately arrested the kidnapper and put him in jail for 8 years. Ever since then, Caitlyn has grown to be a protective and sensible person. At the age of 8, she skipped a grade and there she started getting into pop music and playing guitar. She soon discovered fashion, but she still remains a protective big sister and daughter.
Other: She dreams of becoming a rock star. 

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Nickname: (Put none if you don't have one)
Homeroom Number:

Remember to have fun!

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Name: Alexis Lyra Godsen
Nickname: Harp
Age: 9, 3rd grade
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Teacher: Mrs. Caitlyn
Homeroom #: 96
Likes: Music, writing, art
Dislikes: Bullies, hot pink, bad grades
Personality: Kind, smart, social
Bio: Alexis Lyra was abandoned by her Mother and Father, so she is raised by her rich grandparents.
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