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Hello ,everyone .Happy new year.
3KU 3Dprinter v2017 now is coming.
One key level function is added.
You can adjust the level by one button in 1 minute without computer.
video link:

Other promotion:
1. the only two plastic parts are changed to metal parts.
2. plate is 1cm wider than before there will be no interference
3. power adapter is changed to bigger SMPS with earth wire.
4. 120w Heater bed is added.
5.Control board is changed to Integrated motherboard .
6.Firmware is preinstalled and one key level is supported,you can
adjust the printer in 1 minute without computer.


Best way to get rid of a clog?

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We have had a lot of talk about bed height, max Z height, and M666. One of the tools that I find invaluable is a set of feeler gauges. Not just any gauges, but long ones like these from Amazon: .This way when I am setting up my distances/gaps, I know exactly how far to adjust M666 and the max Z height.
Inexpensive tool for a lot fewer headaches.

Hello guys, i have been using my 3ku printer that I bought from Amazon and it's amazing, I want to ask you guys for recommendations for materials to buy and I'm interested in trying the wood pla. Also I want to stock up on spare parts to use when the heater break, which done before lucky the printer comes with a backup. But I don't know what type of heater it requires. Also I want to buy nozzle but I don't know if there a specific shape it requires. Basically I would like to know where you guys buy your parts and materials and if you can add links that helps me finds that would be amazing 😇 thank you! 

Anyone know what could be wrong I set X Y and Z coordinates using the slip of paper trick and saved it using the m500 command. But when I go to print it's still printing to high off of the bed

does any one have the original videos on how to calibrate the printer I left mine sit for a bit while getting new filament and now it doesn't want to move up or down unless its very very slow move all over directions fine I had to reinstall repetier host were there any settings we had to specifically set for the printer?

this might be a bit weird but im still unsure of how to add a heated bed to this machine i really want to add a heated bed to start printing with PLA but im not sure how the best way ould do it i heard that the current power supply cant run a heated bed because of voltage limitations so buying another power supply would be better but should i run this power supply in tandem with the other one or replace it completely?

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Hi guys!!!
After Half a day, I finally got it working, at least the Movement.
It was just a simple M666 calibration issue & My Filament Tube hitting the endstop switch too early.
So the problem is, my extruder Motor is not able to keep up pushing filament down. I thought the motor was the problem, but as soon as I manually tried to force the filament down the tube while nozzle was hot, I could feel immense amount of resistance. I don't know what is causing this. My movements are Very Fine. But Even if I increased the Driver for Extruder Motor's Imax to 1.6A, Motor just can't overcome that force. Anyone have Idea what could have went wrong?
Oh and
1) How do I separate the tube from the Nozzle(Effector)?
2) How to keep the Tube&Line from touching the end stop?(I already tried Zip-tying to one of the arms, but the problem is, since that arm & tube's distance can change alot, the Ring always go down until it reaches the top part of extruder and eventually forces the tethered arm to Malfunction. So does anyone have clever Idea to overcome this problem?

=>I thought it might be helpful to show you the situation. So I have a link to my Video & Picture of what the filament looks like after I force it back through the top part. Does this look similar to yours? (I thought you guys can analyze the problem by looking at the end part of filament, because that can show how inside of an extruder is formed)


Hey, Um does M666 command work with '+' values? because I just can't get them to work...
MY Problem is not because the head is 'too high', it is because the head is too 'low'. So I gotta change the software value of total Height or use + sign for M666 command.

I tried on M666 but I don't think it works on + values. Due to the limit switches I guess?

So I wonder if anyone know how to 'Make the head go Higher' by command!

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OK, I will show you guys some problems I am having with this one last 'Extruder Problem'. My Extruder is having a REALLY hard time pushing those filaments into the nozzle. And when I checked it out, I found a CLOGGED, kind of GUMMY stuff inside the Metal tube part where plastic tube goes inside. So I got rid of everything inside, And since I thought that would be possible if the plastic tube wasn't reaching the bottom enough, I pushed the tube further inside. And I guessed that it would eventually fix the problem by either melting the tube it self. And when I got it printing again, I noticed that it still had 'COILING' effect. This is happening to me all the time since my first Bummer... Can anyone share their stories on

1) How to push the plastic Tube inside just Right, so that the nozzle doesn't get clogged

2) What that 'COILING' might mean...

Here's the video :

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