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Name: Dante Vastolos
Alias: Demonic Dragon King
Age: 267 (Immortal)
Height: 6' (2 m)
(see 1st pic) Light-colored skin, black hair, tips of hair dyed dark blue, medium build, muscular, hazel eyes, usually has a serious look in his eyes.
Tattoos: Japanese symbol for Light on right shoulder, Japanese symbol for Fire on left shoulder, four blacks lines ending in points on the back of both hands set along the wrist and knuckle bones.

Personality: Friendly, Shy at first, funny, can be mischievous sometimes, always willing to help, somewhat aloof.
Likes: hanging with friends, warm places, training, hamburgers in general, fruit, playing pranks on others, rock/metal music.
Dislikes: Insects in general, being ignored, sick-minded people, seeing his friends mistreated.

Affiliation: Konohagakure
Kekkai Gekkai: Light+Fire Release
Fire Style: Fire Ball Jutsu
Fire Style: Great Fire Annihilation
Fire Style: Dragon Flame Jutsu
Fire Style: Great Fire Ball Jutsu
Fire Style: Hydra Inferno
Fire Release: Infernal Domain
Fire Release: Secret Art! Flame Consumption
Light Release: Swords of Light
Light Style: Piercing Ray
Light Style: 1000 Shards of Light
Light Style: Photon Chains
Light Release: Halo of Protection
Light Release: Photon Armor
Light Release: Illusion Field
Light Release: Starlight Flood
Light Release: Advanced Art! Shatter Force
Light Release: Powered Armor Transformation Jutsu
Light+Fire Release: Burst of Heavenly Fire
Fire Release: Burning Rasen Shuriken
Light Release: Milky Way Rasen Shuriken
Fire+Light Release: Galaxy Fire Rasen Shuriken
Cero Rasen Shuriken
Healing Jutsu
Sealing Jutsu
Transformation Jutsu
Mother: (deceased)
Father: (deceased)
Brother(s): +Joey Rios (non-related),
Sister(s): +Amaya Mashiba (non-related)

Teammates: +Done. Broken. Dead on the Inside, +Amaya Mashiba, +Joey Rios
Mentor to: Akiro Mashiba
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Name: Kera Uchiha

Age: 7

Gender: Female

Appearance: see pic below

Bijuu: Twelve Tailed Dragon, Raijuu

Kekkai Genkai: Sharingan, Mangekyo Sharingan (not yet awakened), Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan (not yet awakened)
Personality: Sweet, kind, caring

Rank: Gennin

Status: Princess

Family: +Amaya Junkyosha-Uchiha​ (Mother) +Midna Uchiha​ (Aunt) +Sakura Uchiha​ (Aunt) +Itachi Uchiha​ (Uncle) +Joey Rios​ (Uncle) +Madara Uchiha​ (Great great great grand father) Minari Uzumaki (older brother) Nisa Uzumaki (older sister) +Amelia Uchiha​ (older sister) +Keita ™​ (older brother) Ayame Mashiba (older sister)

Bio: Kera was found in the forest when she was a baby. A few days after Kera was found, her mother sealed away the Twelve tailed dragon inside her for her protection. She was raised in Konoha and Onigakure since she was born. She is currently enrolled in the academy in training to become a Kunoichi

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Name: Soul Uchiha

Age: 36

Alias:Snake Sage, Defender of the world

Clan: Uchiha (Half uzumaki and a little bit of Senju)

Family: Sato Uchiha (Father) Korra Uzumaki (Mother) Kazuku Uchiha (Younger Brother) Amaya Junkyosha-Uchiha (Cousin) Midna Uchiha (Cousin) Keita Uchiha (Cousin) Menma Uzumaki (Cousin-In-Law)

Kekki Genkai: Sharingan (Right Eye) eternal Mengekyō Sharingan (Right Eye) Rinne Sharingan (Left Eye)

Chakra nature:

Rank: Ex-Kage, Snake Sannin, Sensei (To +Sakura Uchiha)

Lighting release (Strongest Affinity)
Fire release
Water release
Wind release
Earth release
Yin release
Yang release
Yin-Yang Release
Wood Release (Locked)



Chidori sword

Chidori Stream

Chidori Nagashi

Chidorishuriken (OC)

Oobama Chidori (OC)

Chidori: Double Piercing Blade (OC)

Lighting release: Shadow Clone

Lighting Water Dragon Bullet

Lighting And Wind release: Front Lotus

Lighting release: False Darkness

Fang of lighting

Lighting release: Electromagnetic Murder

Lighting Release: Depth Charge

Lighting release: Lighting Bullet (OC)

Fire release: Flame Bullet

Fire release: Big Flame Bullet

Fire release: Dragon Flame Jutsu

Fire release: Nova Blast jutsu (OC)

Fire release: Blast wave wild dance

Fire release: Fireball Jutsu

Fire release: Grand fire ball jutsu

Fire release: phoenix Flower jutsu

Fire release: Big Dragon Flame Bullet

Fire release: Dragon Flame Bullet

Fire release: Great Fire annihilation

Fire release: Great Fire Destruction

Fire release: Flaming Whirlpool

Fire Release: Uchiha great Flame Sphere

Tornado Of Water

Water release: Water Dragon Jutsu

Water Release: Water Dragon Bullet

Water Release: Water Prison Jutsu

Water Clone jutsu

Water release: Exploding water colliding Wave

Water release: Great water exploding colliding wave

Water Release: Water Trumpet

Water Release: Water Dragon Bullet

Water Release: Water Dragon Biting explosion

Water release: Water Encampment Wall

Water release: Water Shark Bullet

Water release: Tearing Torrent

Typhoon Water Vortex Jutsu

Wind release: Great Breakthrough

Wind release: Air Bullet

Wind Release: Vacuum Blast

Wind release: Slash

Earth Release: Earth style Wall

Earth Release: Earth Dragon Jutsu

Earth Style: Head-Hunter Jutsu

Shadow Clone Jutsu

Multi-Shadow Jutsu

Substitution Jutsu

Transformation Jutsu

Summoning Jutsu

Hidden Shadow Snake hands

Many Hidden Shadow snake hands

Blinding Snake glare spell

Snake mouth bind

Formation of ten Thousand snakes

Silence Seal

Uchiha Barrage (OC)

Leaf Dancing Shadow

Shadow Shuriken Jutsu

Perfect Clone (OC)


Chakra draining seal

Dead demon consuming seal

Sage mode (Snake)

Sage Art: Ultra Chidori

Sage art: Poison Bite

Sage Art: Curse Seal of Heaven

Chibaku Tenseigan

Perfect Susanno


Shinra Ten'si

Banshō Tensei

Tengai Shinsei

Deva Path

Naraka path

Animal Path

Asura path

Preta path

Human path

Four violet Flames formation



Lighting Barrier

Telekinesis (Mengekyō Ability): Allows soul to control whatever he looks at with that eye and mind. If a kunai is thrown at soul and he looks at it, he can stop it in mid air or deflect it a different direction

Tsukokami (Mengekyō ability): Like Tsukuyomi except, User can change or not change the area making soul opponent unknown if in the jutsu or not.

Infinite Tsukuyomi

Weapons:Ha Kaatã (sword below)

Bio:Find out through rp

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Profile Update

Name: Amaya Uchiha

Nicknames: Shadow Princess, Night Reaper

Age: 18 (almost 300)

Rank: Jonin

Classification: Phoenix Sage

Appearance: waist length black hair, ice blue eyes, Triple Moon on her left wrist, Reaper Mark on her back

Clan(s): Kemono, Uchiha, Shadow Reaper

Kekkai Genkai: Sharingan, Mangekyo Sharingan, Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan, Blaze Release, Shadow Release, Ice Release, Lightening Release

Bio: Shodukage of Onigakure and final descendent of the forgotten Shadow Reaper clan. Holder of the nine tails.

Chakra Natures: Fire, Lightening, Water


Husband: +Menma And Lucifer

Daughters: +Summer Doremus​, +Amelia Uchiha​, +Kera uchiha​, Nisa Uzumaki

Sons: +Keita ™​, Azazel, Eden, Minari

Sister(s): +Sakura Uchiha

Brother(s): +Joey Rios​, +Mikal Uchiha

Jutsu(s): Chidori, Shadow Coffin, Ice shards, Ice Mirrors, Phoenix Fire King, Water Prison

Weapons: Katana, Twin Phoenix swords, Kunai

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Profile Update

Name: Amaya Uzumaki

Age: 18

Rank: Jonin

Appearance: Hair color: blond with blue ends,  Eye color: Blue, curse mark on neck and the Reaper Sign on her shoulder Reaper Form: silver hair, Left eye: blue, Right Eye: silver, three black stripes on her cheek, wears her fathers cursed ring around her neck

Clan: Uzumaki 

Kekkai Genkai: Sharingan, Shadow Manipulation, 

Bio:  Final Descendant of the Grim Reaper, Host to the twelve tailed jinchurriki, the demon wolf Akuryo 

Chakra Nature(s):  Fire, Blaze, Shadow

Husband: +Menma Kuebiko 
Daughter: +Asuna Kuebiko/Uzumaki 
Brothers: +Sasuke Uchiha , +Rikuto Junkyosha +Roi Toshiba junkyosha uchiha +Tokuma Hiruzen Kojima II Junkyosha KOH 
Sisters: +Hinata Aidou  +Emo Sakura Uchiha  +Kera Junkyosha 
Father: +Mizuto Junkyosha, Jinchuuriki of Kojima. 
Jutsu(s): Shadow Coffin, Phoenix Fire King, Hell's gate 
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//Personal Information\\
Name: Keita Mashiba

Nickname: The Blue Demon

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Voice: Keita's Voice Is Similar to Shikamaru's Voice but a little Energetic.

Birthday: April, 28

Appearance: The Picture Below.

Personality: Keita is a good hearted Mashiba and he will do anything to help anybody in need. When he is In his Demon form Keita is a cool Demon that is in control oh himself depending on what mood he is in. 

Clan: Mashiba/Uchiha

Aura Color: Sky Blue

Skin Tone: Light with Blue marks on it 

Hair Type: Keita takes the Hair type of His Mother which is Spikey.

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Sky Blue

Blood Type: O+

Height: 5'9

Weight: 155lbs

Sexual Orientation: Keita is a boy that prefers women to be in a Relationship with.

Place Of Origin: Hidden Mist Village

Languages: English

·His Village
·His Sister
·His Things

·Hurting His Family and Loved Ones
·Bad Food

Disabilities: None

Biography: None Yet

//Status Information\\
Rank: Jonin

Current Status: Traveling 

Affiliations: Hidden Mist Village 

//People Connections Information\\
Family: (Any of you ant to?)

Master(s): None ATM

Apprentice(s): None ATM

Rival(s): +soul uchiha​​

Allies: None ATM

Enemies: None ATM

//Skills-Techniques-Abilities Information\\
Transformations: I would like to be the 9 tailed Fox.

Fire Style:
Fire Ball Jutsu
Phoenix Flower Jutsu
Dragon Flame Bombs
Burning Ash
Dragon Beast Jutsu

Lightning Style:
Spider Web Jutsu
Lightning Beast Running Jutsu
Lightning Dragon Jutsu
Lightning Strike
Lightning Panther Jutsu

//Tools-Weapons Information\\
5x Kunais
5x Shurikens
3x Paper Bombs
1x Custom Kunai
1x Uchiha Crossbow
5x Bow and Arrows 
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hi who play naruto storm revolution? if someone play this game join to my shiki clan 
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