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[Fire Emblem Awakening rp. I am in need of someone who will rp as Validar and many others. Yes, you may rp as an OC, but they must match with the story.]

You all mostly know Robin and Chrom, and how they stopped Grima from destroying the world. Robin was the child of an evil man and the vessel for a god. Chrom was the prince and now a ruler of Ylisee. The two joined together and brought peace back. Well, this story here wasn't like that. The story tells of a girl who was like Robin, but her beginning wasn't like how Robin's mother took the child away from Plegia.

It was a cold December night in Plegia. There was no snow in the desert of the kingdom, but it was freezing. People waited outside for the princess to be born; well, for the vessel to be born. They were promised by the king that his child will be the one they have been waiting for all those years.

In the palace in the hallway was the king pacing. He was known as Validar. He promised his dead father and the citizens of Plegia that his own child will be the vessel of the Fell Dragon Grima. At first, it wasn't easy. Most of the Plegian women didn't have enough strong blood. He married more and more women; they died after giving birth to failed children. He would send them to orphanages or have them be trained as soldiers for his army.

Eventually, he found a beautiful gypsy who performed on the street. It turns out she was related to one of the Grimleal members. The two got married a month after. Now, the queen known as Jane was giving birth to the child. Her screams filled the air, sending chills to the guards around.

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[Lab experiment rp]


*This is going to be male scientist (must be 20 or over) x a female experiment. I plan to make this rp rated T (13+) or Older Teen (16+). 

*I do not own the images used.

*I am not going to be picky about the minimum amount of sentences. Please do at least 2 sentences or more than two sentences. And I am not going to go too Grammar Nazi. Just please type well enough so I can understand your replies.  


Over the years, technology has improved and the nations started to change. A great land that once large separated into different nations. Rivalries and wars increased. 

Scientists saw corruption and despair. They decided to solve the problems. Some even decided to make a super weapon to try to destroy the other nations. 

One group created a female. She would have a mission; to become the world's savior. The female would recreate the world and become a goddess for the people. 

[the starter (your reply can be anything as long as it is relating to when the girl is going to be awakened from her creating slumber.]
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[Lab Experiment rp]

Notes to keep in mind: 

*I don't own the images. Credit goes to the artists/owners.

*This rp will be male x male. The age of the male character (your character) must be 19 or older. 

*The rating is 16+ (older teen) due to blood, some language, and I prefer having the rp in PM. 

*I need a scientist who gets assigned to keep an eye on the experiment and manage him.
The Experiment (who I am rping as)

ID: [you may choose; like for instance 6625-CC-0308]
Other name: [you may choose]
Sex (gender): Male
Race: Android 
Theme Song: "Field of Innocence" (Evanescence) [ ]
Abilities/Powers: unknown [you may choose]
BIO: Was being created by scientists. His purpose was to become the world's 'savoir.' He would recreate the world and rule it with an iron fist. He doesn't know his purpose or anything else yet. His past life (if you want to make one) is not known to him. 


The year was 2157. Technology was starting to advance more than how it was in the past. A few scientists saw corruption in the world. So, they decided to create an android that would recreate the world and rule it. They worked on the project for months. They customized his appearance, inserted chemicals and powers in him, and more. 

A few years passed and the state of the world was becoming worse. Murders, crimes, pollution, and many problems increased. The group hoped that their newly formed savior.

(Y/C) is assigned to the project. The boy rested in the tube; in chemicals and water, and attached to wires.
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