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Okay, so I made a new UnderTale OC, She's going to be the lead Player in the Undertale OC story..

She doesn't need to be Signed Up cuz I'm already signing her up myself..

So I need OC's to have a lead role as in or based in the game:

Toriel: {OPEN}
Human (Pacifist Route): (this OC) Kendria
Human (No Mercy/Genocide Route): {OPEN} klowbi? Idk
Sans (the joker one): {OPEN}
Papyrus (confident one): {OPEN}
Alphys (shy and clumsy one): {OPEN}
Undyne (brave one): {OPEN}


Maybe I'll go and make a fanfic in Wattpad about this idk

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I need people to be in this. I'm the one with sunglasses sitting down

i have to ban "Chase Monroe"
because . . .
looks like s/he doesn't know about undertale-
and look, i have looked at his/her profile,
s/he adventirse a website that nyah, hacked games sooo

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Name: Fall / Cherry
Nickname: Fal, Ery, Cher, Monster, Another Chara .

Age : Around 11-13
Gender: Female

Likes: Flowey, Fighting / Killing .
Disilikes: Mercy, Frisk, Asriel .

Check Option:
Ask To Fight
*Claws, She attacks you with claws .
*Wings, Swings her wings at you .
*Bite, She bited you .
Buttercup petals, She attacks you with it .
*Final . ^^^^^^^^ all above .

Personality: No Mercy-Kid, Murderer .
_W.I.P _
idfk why im lazy right now

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Name: Sixxle
Nickname: Six, Xle, Ixy, Ixle
Age: Unknown, But looks like 20 .
Gender: Female .

Likes: Undyne, Alphys, Her friends .
Disilikes: Rude monster/humans, A Human who hurts her friend .

Check Options:
*Cheer up
*She throws arrows at you .
*She swings her wings at you .
*She throws more arrows at you .

Personality: Grumpy, Clever, Swift, And a bit friendly ._

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Blah here a Genocide Noras Gosh I am not sure if I sign her up already tho

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Likes: puns magic and other stuff
Dislikes: anything to do with exercise
Soul color: black and white
Bio:just another fallen human other than my mom was a monster and my father was a business man for Android but whatever

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Name: Klowbi
Age: (the same as Frisk)
Gender: Female
Likes: Frisk (even though she thinks she doesn't have a chance she at least wants to be friends with him),Flowey (even though he's beaten the shizz outta her)/Asriel, sunny days,potatoes, and anything friendly
Dislikes: Cherry (its like Frisk and Chara ya'know?), the dark and other scary stuff

Bio: Klowbi just was bored one day and she decided to climb that mountains were no one was heard from again. She fell into one of the holes and landed in a ptch of flowers.

Requests are open during my Christmas Break.


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i made somemething
Name: Discharge (for now)
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Type of monster: Cat/Mouse/Eagle..?
Dislikes: Dark Places, Noise, Humans
Likes: Being alone, Quiet, Drawing.
Bio: In the dark night of the underground, a soul was about to break. a monster had been hurt badly. it was taken to Alphys, the scientist of the royal guard. She had been trying to make a solution to all these deaths of monsters. when he was recieved to Alphys, She tried her best to solve it. It took weeks for her to find the solution, "DETERMINATION." she put it in all of the broken souls, hoping it would work. it didn't. He started to realize what was happening, and how alphys was going crazy over fixing it. he scaped until she could put more detemination into him. he was already half broken, but he stayed strong. he couldn't go back to his family like that, so he stayed at Hot Land. 

I know it sucks ;U;
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