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+David The Bamse & Ballerina Lover 2003‚Äč I'm giving it back to you don't worry it's just you have to wait 2 weeks because that's how Google works

Phew Im A Owner Again!

David I'm giving the community back it has been 2 weeks, I'm truly sorry but this was only a lesson, only thrust the people you trust don't just give someone permission when a random person asks for it. Thank you!

This is creeping me out. <:(

Hey Yagavitch You Can Me As Mod Then Me As Owner Again?

Hey Yagavitch Can I Be A Mod?

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~~~Encyclopedia Dramatica~~~

Encyclopedia Dramatica (Other wise known to some people as "Controversy Garbage Wiki") is a parody of Wikipedia. Unlike most Wikipedia parodies, which are funny, and mostly have content not 100% NSFW, this one crosses the line, having Little to no humor, as well as a TON of NSFW Bullshit.

~~~A bit of history~~~

On December 10, 2004, Encyclopedia Dramatica was founded by Sherrod DeGrippo, who we, at David Wiki, assume is either insane, brain dead, or just dead in general. The reason why the Website was even made was because she, along with a group, was banned from a thing called LiveJournal.

At that point on, it got worse.

Pretty much everyone was bashing the website for being "The lamest wiki ever", and for it having NSFW content. And that it was NOT EVEN FUNNY. And for some reason, it's STILL active to this very day.


Like we said, people were BASHING the page for being the lamest wiki ever. And we can agree. It seems that the people who like it, however, seem to be pretty insane.

In otherwords, screw em'.

(From left to right.)

1. The infamous logo.
2. A page on the wiki.
2 Photos - View album

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Smile at your phone and you get free friends

Altough Caillou Was Premiered On Teletoon And Canada In 15 September 1997 But It Was Cancelled In 2010 So Caillou Team Made Caillou Getting Rebooted In 2017 But It Sixth Season!

------------------------------------------ About Caillou ----------------------------------------------------------

First Episode:15 September 1997
Last Episode:3 October 1997
Music:Caillou Theme Song
Roleplay:Caillou Mom. Miss Martin. Caillou Dad. Caillou. Grandma.And MORE
Tv Channels:Public Brodcasting Service (PBS) Teletoon Tele-Quebec And

New Update Coming Soon

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