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Nikos Chilladakis writes

In the last two decades, with the assimilation in Ankara of the perception that Turkey is a rising regional superpower which increasingly plays an active and decisive role in all regional and international developments, a series of Strategic Research Centers covering the whole spectrum international relations and international problems affecting Turkey, the Turkish world and not only.

The larger of these Centers, in a large, if not decisive, degree, influence the neo-Ottoman foreign policy of Turkey. At the same time, they are studying the course of internal problems affecting Turkey's relations with all its neighboring countries, such as the minority, energy sector, the armed forces sector, the accession process in the European Union, the democratization of institutions and the constitution, as well as the neo-Ottoman policy that promotes Turkey the main leading power in the Islamic world.

The general principles that define the basic ideology of all these Strategic Research Centers and Institutes have little to much an expansive nationalist character. In general, they are trying to synthesize the Kemalist military concept of Turkey's military superiority with the neo-Ottoman Islamic expansionism, which also highlights their general theoretical direction of creating a new and modern Turkey, whose borders are ideologically reminiscent of those of the old Ottoman Empire. The emphasis is sometimes on Pan-Turkish ideological positions, sometimes in pan-Islamic and always overwhelming positions that emphasize the perfect magnificence of a modern Turkey in the form of a rapidly growing economic and military superpower.

The most famous of these Centers and Institutions are:
1) USAK. Uluslarası Stratejik Araştımalar Kurumu.
2) TÜRKSAM Uluslarası İlişkiler in Stratejik Analyzer Merkezi.
3) TURANSAM. Turan Araştırmalar Merkezi
4) TASAM Türk Asya Stratejik Araştırmalar Merkezi
5) BİLGESAM. Bilge Stratejik Araştımalar Merkezi. Center for Strategic Research "Sophoi".
6) ORSAM. Ortadoğu Stratejik Araştımalar Merkezi.
7) SAM. Stratejik Araştımalar Merkezi.
8) ESAM. Ege Üniversitesi Stratejik Araştırmalar Merkezi'nin, (This Center focuses mainly on Aegean issues and Greek-Turkish differences).

Lastly, we note that the most important new Strategy Center that was set up three years ago is the Ankara Strategi Enstitüsü, the "Ankara Strategic Institute". This Center, as you quote in its introductory bulletin, is independent of parties, economic and political organizations, and it is a large bank of thoughts and ideas on the political, economic, legal and geostrategic developments at local and global level. Of great importance here is Turkey's targeting to play a super-powerful and decisive role in developments in the wider region. The Center is divided into three major research departments: Legal, Economic and Political. The Law examines developments in the drafting of the new Turkish constitution, international relations, international law as well as the legal status of major international associations such as the European Union, the Eurasian Union, etc. The Economic Department examines international economic relations, Turkey's economic development and finally, the Political and Geostrategic, having in the composition of the well-known Turkish academic and strategic analysts, examines all the international developments, especially that it is related to the European Union, the Middle East and more generally the wider region where Turkey is located.


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Radioactive caesium-137 from Fukushima found in Californian wine


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All this talk of Civil War in the States is a Psych op in my eyes. Don’t buy into it. If you think life is hard now, allow these globalist, satanic, blood drinker inbreds take over your Land. If you wish hell on Earth buy into this nonsense and sign the Devil’s deal

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Like I've been saying, it's all #FakeMoney
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