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Targeted Former Police Officer Shares Inside Information
Ella Free
Nov 15, 2018

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Dr. Joseph Farrell: 9.11 & Nazi International
Ortaiηe Ðeviaη
Nov 16, 2018

Dr. Joseph P. Farrell joins Timothy Kelly on "Our Interesting Times" podcast to discuss his book Hidden Finance, Rogue Networks, and Secret Sorcery: The Fascist International, 9/11, and Penetrated Operations. We talk about his theory that there were not just two levels to the 9/11 event, but three. Building on his previous work investigating postwar intrigues, secret finance, corrupt politics, occulted technology, Dr. Farrell identifies this third level as a transnational fascist mafia or "Nazi International."

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“The Economist” is an anagram for Moon Esthetic, Etches Motion, Etch Emotions, Tech Emotions

noun: esthetic
1. a set of principles underlying and guiding the work of a particular artist or artistic movement.

“The World In” issue costs13.95 - - >13+95 = 108 , drop zero for 18, moon card

108 = Full Moon, Worship, Fifty-Five, Dark Energy, Night Owl, Pure Evil, The Eye of Ra, Good and Evil, Sacred Star, Pure Blood, I Am the Devil, High Magicians

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Great Powers Prepare For Battle In The Arctic

by Humphrey Hawksley November 16, 2018

Over the past year, the Arctic, northern Europe and the Far East of Russia has become a theater for unprecedented military exercises involving thousands of ships and aircraft.

NATO’s Trident Juncture 18 ended on November 7, and included several non-NATO members such as Finland and Sweden.

Russia’s Vostok 18 took place in August place, involving units from China and Mongolia.

These were the biggest exercises since Cold War, shining a spotlight on deepening division between autocratic and democratic governments and on a once frozen wasteland that is becoming an arena of contest across new frontiers.

Melting Arctic ice is opening shipping routes and releasing energy resources, prompting a scramble for control and access. Competing businesses race to secure opportunity while rival military commanders prepare for scenarios they fear could become triggers for war.

From the changing Arctic, we will feel similar repercussions as in the early 20th Century when the discovery of oil in the Middle East transformed that region into what it is today.

The Arctic will be about trade, energy, minerals and geopolitical balance.

Russia and the United States are Arctic countries. In the Bering Sea, their territories come face to face across a border known as the Ice Curtain. Other countries, too, are eyeing the Arctic. The most powerful and determined, among them, is China. The Arctic is the new, untested arena of great power strategy.

Russia is modernizing and, slowly, the US is unfolding a new strategy for Arctic defense, with defense secretary Mattis saying: “America has got to up its game in the Arctic. There’s no doubt about that. It’s cited as an area of concern with our National Security Strategy.”

This unforgiving region of the High North has captured imaginations for centuries. Its name comes from the Greek ‘arktikos’, meaning ‘near the bear’, as in the constellations of stars seen from around the North Pole. Unlike colder Antarctica in the South which is land covered with a massive ice sheet, the warmer Arctic is frozen seawater. It comprises the world’s smallest ocean, covering 5.5 million square miles that circle the roof of the world and spreads through eight countries, Canada, Finland, Greenland (controlled by Denmark), Iceland, Norway, Russia, Sweden and the United States.

Less than five million people live there, most native to the Arctic. The Inuit or Eskimo come from Alaska, northern Canada, Greenland and Russia. Northern Scandinavia is home to the Sami.

The Arctic is estimated to hold thirty per cent of the world’s natural gas and thirteen per cent of its oil. While Russia is the big beast of the region, there are numerous disputes about between governments and no agreement as to whether new trade routes are international waters or sovereign territory.

Meanwhile, shipping companies are designing ice-breaking carriers. Urban planners look to transform remote coastal villages into ports and cities. Energy giants are mapping areas of exploration.

Russia’s massive natural gas project on Siberia’s Yamal peninsula aims to create a flow of natural gas to Asia and Europe. It also represents a testing of boundaries, both in technology and international politics. Ships must break through ice two meters thick to access the port. Stakeholders include France and China while the project is now under sanctions from the United States.

The Arctic links the Atlantic and the Pacific oceans. Climatologists estimate that by 2050 enough ice will have melted to forge regular trading passages between Asia to Europe, thousands of miles shorter than current routes, cutting costs and journey time. Even now, with China and Russia leading the way, the route is used by pioneering freight companies deploying a new style of ice-breaking convoy.

China, Europe, Russia and the United States rub up against each other as they race to achieve their goals. Russia has declared the Arctic as key to its future. Europe is bolstering its defenses. China, which does not even hold Arctic territory, plans to build a ‘Polar Silk Road’ there. The US has pledged to keep the Arctic free.

The lead regional institution is the Arctic Council, set up just over twenty years ago in 1996 when it became clear more coordination was needed. Its members are the eight Arctic states with thirteen observer members including Britain, China, India and Japan. Based in Norway, the Arctic Council works on issues such as search and rescue, pollution and scientific research. But it has no ability to implement policies or recommendations and, specifically, it cannot involve itself in military security. Therefore, it may lack teeth for what lies ahead.

This year’s military exercises underline how much this High North area of the world is moving to the top of US and European defense agendas. Russia has built and modernized military bases there creating a specter that, with China alongside, these two authoritarian states could exploit the Arctic as their own.

There have been earlier signs of big power boundary-testing.

In 2016, Russian special forces illegally flew into the Arctic island group of Svalbard where an international treaty forbids military activity. In 2017, China tried to buy a disused military base in strategically-located Greenland which would have given it a foothold in the north Atlantic. Britain has spearheaded the creation of a nine-nation Joint Expeditionary Force for northern Europe to handle rapid response against any Russian threat. NATO is now constantly reinforcing its Arctic presence.

Humphrey Hawksley is an award-winning correspondent and author of Man on Ice the only international thriller set on the US-Russian border.

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The Hi-Tech Traditionalist: It Is Globalist, Multicultural Policies That Are Enabling The Rebirth Of Anti-Semitism…Government Must Work For All Americans, Or Beware The Inevitable

by Baruch Pletner,PhD,MBA November 4, 2018

There is, wouldn’t you say, a big difference between murderous anti-Semitism lurking in a few lower working class neighborhood taverns and establishing itself as the state religion of a leading world nation state. This difference is profound; what was once shameful, such as blaming everything on Jews, becomes mainstream. What was once illegal, such as destroying Jewish property, becomes not only legal, but a government policy codified in rules and regulations with implementation schedules and performance bonus awards. “You truly excelled at implementing our Juden Raus (Jews out) policy last quarter, Hanz! The boss was very pleased!”

The gap between shameful, illegal, unthinkable for most, and acceptable, legal, REQUIRED even is immense. When anti-Semitism jumped that gap in Hitler’s Germany in the mid-1930’s, it doomed more than six million European Jews to their deaths. Before, it was largely harmless, similar to how anti-Semitism is now in America, even with all the terrible heartache over the beautiful lives lost in Pittsburgh. After, it very nearly led to an extinction level event for world Jewry. But was this jump inevitable? And if it wasn’t, how could it have been prevented? More importantly, WHO could have prevented it? And since they obviously didn’t, do they share the blame for what had transpired?

Just the other day, there was on “Israeli” Twitter a picture of a ridiculously blue Mercedes Benz belonging, ostensibly, to the Vice-Chairman of the nationalist Alternative for Deutchland political party in the state of Lower Saxony, a state in the northwest of the German Federal Republic, bordering the Netherlands. The car had a license plate: “L-AF-1818”. The “L” is for Leipzig, a municipality in which the vehicle is registered. But the other letters… well, they are a different matter entirely. It can hardly be a coincidence that the letters “AH”, the first and the eighth letters in the German alphabet, stand for the initials of a man whose full name many Jews today will not utter, preferring to call him “hatzorer” (the enemy), or “yimach shemo” (may his name be erased). Overt support for Adolf Hitler is illegal in Germany; it is a federal statute enshrined in the constitution. So Neo-Nazis resort to these kinds of tricks to honor their hero.

To recap: a major German politician on the state level, in a major state that was part of west, rather than east, Germany and cannot thus be called even a bit “backward”, chose a license plate that celebrates one Adolf Hitler and does so publicly in a way that is clearly understandable to anyone who wishes to understand. Skipping the part where the owner of the vehicle was scum of the earth fully deserving to choke to death on his next bite of bratwurst, I commented that this horrible situation was the direct result of Merkel’s and her merry Globalist cabal’s stated policy of effacing German culture and even German ethnicity and replacing them with a multicultural and multi-ethnic society perhaps resembling the one that exists in places like New York and Los Angeles. Of course, I was immediately attacked, in Hebrew, for being a Nazi apologist. My family has suffered horribly in the hands of the Nazis. Both my grandfathers were killed fighting them in the ranks of the Red Army. My grandmothers evacuated to Central Asia with my infant mom and dad and barely survived. The city I grew up in, Kiev, borders on Babi Yar, the site of one of the greatest atrocities of WWII, where over twenty thousand Kiev Jews were machine gunned to death or near death and bulldozed into a ditch. If I could have one wish, I would wish that anyone who harbors anything but hatred towards Adolf Hitler died on the spot. I really would.

But I am also a scientist, a realist, a pragmatist. Most Germans in the 1930’s were not anti-Semitic. They allowed themselves to condone anti-Semitism in its most extreme and murderous manifestations because they were convinced by a very charismatic politician that it would bring Germany out of its condition as a global pariah and restore it to its pre-WWI glory. By doing so, they allowed the smoldering flame of Jew hatred to jump the gap from smelly taverns across from the railroad tracks on the wrong side of town to the Brandenburg Gates and the Reichstag. They did so because they were vulnerable to extreme rhetoric. They were vulnerable to extreme rhetoric, because the victors in the First World War, particularly France and Great Britain, having suffered unimaginable losses, insisted on exacting revenge form Germany and preventing her from ever reentering the world stage as a great power.

The blame for the Holocaust falls squarely on Hitler and the Nazi party, including their full cadres of executioners and administrators. It is clear that all of the German people who were adults at that time are complicit in this horrible crime, with very few exceptions. The other world powers are not to blame, no. But. Is there any doubt that with the benefit of hindsight the post-WWI treatment of Germany by her victorious enemies would be different? That the Versailles Agreements that ended the war would look very different indeed? Nazism, anti-Semitism, any kind of extremism does not grow in a vacuum. They can never be extinguished; there will always be dark places that harbor hate, even murderous hate, but there are policies that limit this hate, keep it confined to its rank rancid places, and then there are those that allow it to grow and to prosper and bridge the gap to polite society. Shouldn’t we, while not assigning any blame to where it does not belong, adhere to the policies and politics of hate containment rather than those that allow hate to thrive?

The marginalization of the working classes, the destruction of their economy, replacing work, manual labor even that gives them pride with government dole, ridiculing their ways, openly debasing the traditions they inherited from their forefathers, forcefully injecting into their already vulnerable communities, without any consultation, streams of foreigners with whom they share neither the language nor the genes, nor the culture, those are the policies that build a two-lane highway for hate to cross over from dark to light, from hiding into the open. All the talk of “deplorables”, of “religious nuts”, of red necks and missing teeth, these are all pillars on which the next holocaust will be built.

The elites in Germany and in Western Europe in general have been building the foundations for the new European holocaust for two generations now. They have pushed their working classes to the point of snapping and perhaps beyond. They cushion their motives for doing so in the high rhetoric of inclusivity and human rights, while hiding their real motives of personal empowerment and enrichment. They hide behind military and police forces built entirely from the lower classes, depending on them for protection against their own brothers and sisters in the small towns and poor suburbs. The media, whose role it is to find out and impartially report the truth, has long since abandoned both of these goals. Where are the reporters who embed themselves in the bars and taverns of Lower Saxony, France, or the UK? Where is there any truthful reporting on what the folks that frequent these places are really feeling? It is nowhere to be found because the global media became the lapdog of the globalist elites, feeding them sugary lies for crumbs off their tables. The European elites are thus dangerously insulated from any knowledge of what is actually brewing in their own countries, but that is not the worst of it. The worst, the most dangerous part of the unbalanced equation that is Western Europe, is that Iran-like, the European elites subvert the electoral process by using the court system in their own countries and in the European Union, as a kind of Supreme Council that “vets” the candidates for public office and decides who among them is worthy of balloting and how isn’t. This stops the people from venting their frustrations at the ballot box, because they either have nobody to vote for because their candidate of choice was not allowed to run, or, more frequently, because their candidates are not allowed to articulate and present to the public their real platforms. It would have been healthier for Germany had the guy from Lower Saxony been allowed to have a license plate that read “IADOLF” than hide behind code words. His support or lack thereof among the public would have said something fundamentally true about Lower Saxony, something that would behoove all of us to know.

In America, ethnic and cultural diversity even far away from metropolitan centers is nothing new, but at the same time the levels of forced injection by the elites of completely unvetted and un-westernized populations into the most vulnerable communities is reaching and in many cases exceeding danger levels. The American-invented policy of political correctness, initially intended to create a more accepting and productive workplace, has now been weaponized to stifle political debate and the merest shred of free expression. The complete buy-in by Corporate America led by the Tech Giants into the culture of speech suppression and the wholesale exclusion from political debate of the wide swaths of the American electorate they deem disposable and destined for the trash heap of history before the next 10K has to be filed, has created a landscape in which only a rogue band of politicians from the Republican party led by President Trump can articulate, barely, the policies that benefit them and promote their agenda. The enormous, in fact infinite, funds that are made available to progressive politicians make it virtually impossible for those politicians that represent traditionally-minded populations to be elected.

Enrich (even more) the elites, impoverish, divide, and culturally and ethnically dilute the working class, where have we seen that before? Aren’t those the precise policies that lead to the weaponization of racial hatreds such as anti-Semitism? Do they not help build the bridge on which the insane acts of the few march towards widespread acceptance by the many? If inclusion rather than exclusion is your stated goal, shouldn’t the concerns of regular Americans, all Americans, even those that prefer their own culture and their own genes to those of others be heard and taken into account? Wouldn’t that be the way to isolating those few who act out on their hatred of the “other”? One would think that the lessons of the Holocaust emphatically, unambiguously answer in the affirmative. The six million Jewish martyrs whose ashes are scattered across the killing fields of Europe are screaming “stop before it’s too late!”, but their voices have long since been silenced and even their cousins among the American elites are deaf to their pleas.

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17 November-Turkey-Armenia SOME ... QUESTIONS 'strange'


Nikos Chilladakis writes

The matter of November 17, apart from the internal dimensions, has taken a large part in the past decades and abroad, especially in Turkey, because, as is well known in the organization, the murders of two Turkish diplomats Çetin Görgü and Ömer Sıpahıoğlu were attributed to Athens.

These killings had given Turkey the occasion to bring violent accusations against our country against terrorist groups at the same time that terrorism, either left or right, was "red" in the public life of this country . But was November 17 and Christodoulos Xiros the performers of the two Turkish diplomats ???

On 7/11/91, Çetin Görgü, secretary general of the Turkish embassy, ​​was murdered in Athens, and the murder of the Turkish embassy Ömer Haluk Siphılığlu was assassinated on 4/6/94, a murder that greatly shook up Greek-Turkish relations. Both of these killings were then attributed on Nov. 17. The strange thing, however, was that one of the most famous Turkish journalists, Enri Berberoğlu of Hürriyet, as well as a large part of the Turkish press, then defeated the assassinations in the retaliation of the Armenian Asala organization, which was constantly battling Turkey's diplomatic missions at that time avenge the Armenian genocide.

On May 25, 2002, Turkish Foreign Minister İsmaıl Cem made a grand ceremony in the Turkish capital and in the presence of all military and political leadership to unveil the Turkish diplomats, victims of the Armenian organization, Asala. The interesting thing was that among the names of the marble monument were the two Turkish diplomats Çetin Görgü and Ömer Sıpahıoğlu, who, however, are known to have been murdered in the Greek capital since November 17th.

The legitimate question here was that they accused November 17th of the murders of the two Turkish diplomats in Greece, while in Turkey these killings were attributed to the Armenian organization, Asala. According to those in Turkey, Asala murdered Turkish diplomats in Athens in retaliation for the 1988 murder in a "mysterious" way, and while leaving his home in Palio Faliro in Athens, headed to Hellenic Airport, her head Armenian organization, Agop Agopyan.

As it is known on Nov. 25, 1988, at 4.30 pm in Palio Faliro and while he was out of the block where he was staying to go to the airport with two women, the leader of the Armenian organization, Asala, Agop Agopyan, he gets a burning fire and falls dead on the pedestrian street just a few meters from his residence. The cold murder then had been claimed to have been committed by an Armenian fugitive rival to Agopyan in the organization of Asala. In particular, as was written at the time, Hovsep Vartan, Kırkor Karabet and Albert Sultan Mına, were the ones who murdered Agopyan in an inter-familial war within the Armenian organization.

But this issue was complicated when, on January 2, 1997, after the outbreak of the Susurluk scandal in Turkey, former MIT deputy Mehmet Eymur had alleged in his apocalyptic statement that Agopian had killed MIT agents in Athens, the famous paratrooper and mafioso Abdullah Çatlı, who had been assassinated in the Susurluk crash. The Armenians of Asala, according to Eymur and while beginning to suppress the operations of the organization, proceeded to the two murders of Turkish diplomats in Athens as a retaliation. Note that these killings were Asala's latest terrorist attacks, since most Armenian terrorists then found asylum in the newly established Armenian state. These were claimed by the Turkish press itself, such as the publication of the nationalist newspaper, Türkiye, on 25/8/98, listing a detailed list of Asala murders, including in an indicative way the murders of Çetin Görgü and Ömer Sıpahıoğluç

It is interesting to note here that earlier in the past, many of the Turkish left-wing terrorist organization Dev Sol had been associated with Turkey on November 17, even with the Kurdish PKK, and articles in Turkish newspapers have been published that these three terrorist organizations are working closely together. At the same time, however, there have been reports by left-wing journalists, who have claimed that all these are stories of the Turkish MIT, in which they gave the founding of the Turkish Islamic Hıtzbullah as a distraction to the action of the Turkish-leftist movement.

Terrorist action in Turkey has a long tradition from the legendary Dev Sol, to the left-wing organizations TIKKO and DHK-C, which continue their actions, as well as the IDHA and Hıtzbullah (precursors of the Jihadists) who declared the war against American and Jewish interests in Turkey. Nov. 17 was also associated with DHKP-C's former head, Dursun Karataş. Specifically, the rumor of the famous Turkish terrorist organization, DHKP-C, Dursun Karataş, has long been hidden in Greece and has links to Nov. 17. This reputation has, according to the Turks, provoked the mobilization of both Turkish and American diplomatic authorities.

The Turks, among others, claimed that ... contributed to the disruption of November 17th. On July 22, 2002, the Turkish newspaper Hürriyet revealed that "secret" contacts between the well-known Turkish secret service had been "secretly" (!!!) published in a front-page newspaper and in response to the newspaper from the Greek capital. MIT and the Greek EYP, for the disruption of November 17th.

In particular, the then correspondent of the Turkish newspaper in Athens, Nur Batur, made statements to the same government's top government official, who did not mention that secret talks and contacts between secret services Greece and Turkey, on the dislocation of November 17th and its co-operating organizations of the Kurdish PKK and the Turkish left-wing organization, DHKP-C.

In fact, the Turkish newspaper claimed that during these contacts two months ago, the then head of EYP, Greek diplomat Pavlos Apostolidis (?;), who had been known to Turkey from the case, had gone to the Turkish capital of the capture of Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan and had contacts and cooperation with Turkish MIT leader Şenkal Atasagun. Of course, these Turkish publications had obvious reasons for their disclosure, although there is occasionally information on co-operation on the issue of terrorism (with US orders above), between Greek and Turkish secret services.


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Chasing The Truth w. Shawn Graham 🆕🇺🇲️
Saturday 11-17 9 PM EST
Shawn is joined by AeroSpace & Telecommunications Journalist David Bross to discuss 5G Cell Service & The Human Equation
Subscribe: #TalkStreamLive #ParanormalRadio
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