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Thank 56 Senators Who Voted to End War on Yemen

For the first time ever, the U.S. Senate has actually used the 1973 War Powers Resolution, forcing a vote and passing (56 to 41) a resolution to end a war. The resolution has a ridiculous, reprehensible, and illegal loophole in it about fighting al Qaeda. The House has just voted 206 to 203 not to take the same action. The President has threatened a veto. But the path forward begins with celebrating and building on this remarkable precedent. Politicians have often tried to believe that ending unpopular wars would be unpopular if not condemned as a treasonous act of failing to "support the troops." Now that 56 senators have done this, and we need them to do it again as soon as possible on this same war and several others, we need to thank and encourage them!

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Moscow To Set Up Military Base In Caribbean

by L Todd Wood December 14, 2018

Russia has decided to develop a long-term military presence in the Caribbean in conjunction with the socialist nation of Venezuela, on one of its islands in the Caribbean Sea. The move seems to be a response to the Trump administration’s decision to pull out of the Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty. The recent flights of Russian Tu-160 long-range nuclear bombers are part of this effort.

“According to military envoys, Russian authorities have made a decision (and Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro did not object) to deploy strategic aircraft to one of Venezuela’s islands in the Caribbean Sea, which has a naval base and a military airfield. Ten years ago, Russian experts and Armed Forces commanders had already visited the island of La Orchila, located 200 kilometers northeast of Caracas. Venezuelan laws prohibit the setup of military bases in the country, but a temporary deployment of warplanes is possible,” reported Russian state news agency TASS.

“It is the right idea to include Venezuela in long-range aviation missions,” military expert Colonel Shamil Gareyev told the Russian newspaper Novaya Gozeta, adding that it was also economically reasonable. “Our strategic bombers will not only not have to return to Russia every time, but also won’t perform aerial refueling while on a patrol mission in the Americas. Our Tu-160 aircraft arrive to their base in Venezuela, conduct flights, execute their missions and are then replaced on a rotating basis. This is how it should be done.”

“The arrival of Russia’s Tu-160 strategic bombers to Central America is kind of a signal to Trump to make him realize that abandoning nuclear disarmament treaties will have a boomerang effect,” added another Russian military expert.

As the geopolitical reset after the disastrous years of the Obama administration continues, the West can expect more chest thumping from the Kremlin. This development could only increase the Trump administration’s focus on regime change in Caracas as the people continue suffer immensely under Venezuelan President Maduro and his socialist policies which have destroyed the oil-rich nation’s economy.

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I was interviewed by The Wacky World of Spasoff w. Richard Spasoff. I spoke about my Near Dear Death Experience..

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He writes editorial team Heleladakis

A month before the first barricades in France, Ghislain Coutard responded to a call to Facebook by releasing his own video, which quickly became viral. In this, Coutard suggested that people put a yellow safety vest on their car dashboard as a sign of solidarity, which surprised a movement across France, the Yellow West.

His video appeared on October 17 and was viewed 5.4 million times. This explains his disappointment in the car about the unsustainable situation in France and puts his vest, which he needs for work, on the dashboard. Here's the Youtube version:

Coutard - who was not in Paris last weekend - spoke to Euronews on why he wrote the video because he joined the movement and what should happen to stop the protests.

Ghislain Coutard: Just like everyone else, I complained with this video and came up with the idea of ​​using the yellow vest because I need it every day at work.

As I put it on my dashboard, I realized how visible it is. It's an idea that came naturally. I was very surprised at how many views my video received and how fast I was taking it.

Why did you decide to take part in the protests?

Because I see that (prices) all increase without any appreciable reason. I do not know where the money goes, so I became angry. Life is becoming more and more expensive.
What is the work for you one day?

I leave home early, I drive from 200 to 500 km a day and I work on machine repair in factories. So I sleep, I work, I sleep, I work and I get paid, I pay and I pay.

At the weekend I'm tired because the week was tough. Whether we are tired or have no money because life is getting more and more expensive.

Do you see the same pattern around you?

Yes, when I made the video, it was especially for my close friends who do not have the same salary as me and they have it really hard and it will be much harder for them to live.

If any problem arises, we can not handle it because we can not save money.

What should the government do?

They have to be less arrogant because they do not have the same life with us. They do not even know what is the minimum wage, they do not know how much diesel they have today, they do not have to pay for diesel oil to get to work, they do not pay for the restaurants. They are in another world, they can not be compared.

If we do not have someone who knows that life is really like that, we will never go through it. One should know what it means not to have enough money in their bank accounts once in a lifetime.

What should change to stop the move?

This is the question everyone asks for. It is true that everyone is shouting and complaining, but we have nothing specific on the paper.

The minimum would be to go in the opposite direction, slightly increase the minimum wage to give purchasing power.

If they (the government) cut their wages, to be an example [...], they do not have to earn 15,000 euros per month to live when everything is paid.

Is it a new anger?

This has happened for years. He (Macron) pays for how arrogant he is. This, as well as the way he speaks to the French. He is not interested in people, he is in his world. He has to pay for all this now. He is the most arrogant president. I do not know why he does this, he needs to know how he's talking to the French. He believes he is superior to all.

For those abroad who have not followed from the beginning, what do you want to understand about the current life situation of the French and the movement of the yellow vest?

In order not to confuse the yellow west with people who hurt things and are violent, the movement is very specific and has a very good reason. There is no envy of the rich, as some say.

The government is doing everything it can to make rich rich and poor poor. Everyone should know that the rich do their best to stay rich and try to separate us. If everyone had more, everyone would be happier.

Ghislain Coutard, the founder of the Yellow Western Movement, confirms what he is doing, namely 1% versus 99% below.

Macron is an arrogant child, totally unsuitable to lead France and does everything for the rich against the mass of workers. This is his mission and that is why he became chairman with election manipulation by the foundation.

Macron has no support for the population, because it has only 24% of the vote on the first vote. Voter numbers are even lower today.

In fact, the choice between Le Pen and Fillion should have taken place, but the audited instruments have brought a gigantic negative propaganda against both.

Marie Le Pen was defamed as a far-right nationalist, but it is something else. In fact, her program is like that of Charles de Gaulle, so patriotic, who stood up against NATO, for a Europe of nations, against immigration and sovereignty.

Francois Fillon, although a deputy of the establishment, as Sarkozy's prime minister for 2007-2012 and against the EU, have been prepared to engage him with Russia and be reputed in every scandal.

Unfortunately, the French have fallen for manipulating opinion and have chosen Macron with 66.1% compared to Le Pen 33.9%. Now they wake up and realize their mistake.

They demand their resignation in their demonstrations. "Take Macron away!"

It turns out, finally, an electoral manipulation against the true will of the people nothing, why how Abraham Lincoln?

"You can fool all people for some time and some people all the time, but you can not fool all people at all times."

A knee shot for the economic elite, as the Macron puppet will survive very little by 2022. Perhaps they will force him to step down, otherwise France will become void.

Here is a historical review of Charles De Gaulle, the first politician in history who recognized the weakness of the dollar in 1965, faced Washington and insisted on turning the French dollars into gold.

In his famous speech, he explains to the French that Washington has managed to make the US debt free, debts to all other countries.

He asked the US to deliver the French dollars in gold, so that the stock was not "exposed to the access of a foreign power".

In early August 1971, a warship was sent to New York to pick up the gold from New York's New York Central Bank and bring it to France.

Because some countries like Switzerland followed the French example and wanted the gold behind them, President Nixon had to announce on August 15, 1971, the end of gold dollar coverage.

Since then the US dollar has been covered by nothing but the threat of the US military machine ... and the agreement with the Saudi royal family to sell oil for dollars only. In return, Washington keeps the brothers in power.

What the false media of the dictatorship does not show:

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