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Why it's important for kids to learn coding.

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Ever think about the chemicals we are putting on our bodies? Check out my #parabenfree favorites!

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I'll be focussing on decluttering my life in 2014 so I can spend more time on the important things. Anyone else feel the same?

My word of the year is HUSTLE. What's yours?

THANK YOU for letting us Dads in!  Now I can see and learn from all the secrets you moms are using to crush it online! :)   #Blessed2014  

In our FB community today we are doing a Page LIKE link up. In here, we are doing a CIRCLE party! Here's how to participate:

1. Create your own circle for Social Media Moms and Dads.
2. Circle the members in here and put them under the circle category you created.
3. Watch your circles and influence grow!

If all 900+ members do this, our individual and collective influence will grow! 

Happy Friday, everyone! Please add a link to a piece of content that you would love shared. Keep it to one, please. That way it doesn't get overwhelming. Thanks!

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I wrote a blog post about why Dutch parents don't yell at their kids:

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My newest blog post is a compilation of all the most inspirational articles, books and wise words that have really shaped how I parent my son.  Hope you enjoy reading it!

#parenting #wisdom #childhood  

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Question for the professional Vloggers in the group. Video is a component I'd like to regularly add to my blog because it's something I think I could do well and add a unique spin to. Attached is the type of editing/short video topics I'd like to do more frequently. Do you find vlogging to be helpful to your blog? Do your readers enjoy it? Do they take the time to watch the videos? Any feedback, advice or tips you could give I'd GREATLY appreciate! #vlogging   #video   #videoblogging   
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