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name: kaiser seig  michale 
age: 18
eye color:  red 
hair color: purple or esdeath blue  
special powers: ability to harness fire and heat the moisture  in the air to inflame his enemies   in searing pain and fire 
primary:  knight sword second Excalibur 
secondary :  shield 
melee: dagger 
skin type: white with an Italian tan to it 
allegiance to :  the militarized country of razengard  
personality : calm  / psychopath / on mission  /not emotionally invested 
blood line traits: son of the empress / hair changes from blue to purple depending on mood 
style of fighting: tae kwon do / high speed swordsmen skills 
extra info: during the secound war  against the demon army when he was just a boy his village was slaughtered and burned down by demon general asaroth and his dark knights he was the only survivor in his entire village he moved to razenguard  where he found his mother and step father and he also became the protector of order for his father army later becoming a knight of razen guard     he has no personal issues against the enemy despite his past after the battle is won he cuts off the enemies heads and sticks them on pikes and the generals head is placed on top of the enemy flag 
marital status:  girl friend  
family: emprss sayrunik (mother ) emperor ( thoma step father) 
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