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On the day of the World Cup finals and the next day (July 15-16, 2018) there is worldwide free offer of Voronoi (and Delaunay) Football - Soccer on Google Play:

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Thanks to +Ed S
Calculator: the game seems like it might be amusing. Also available for iOS. One of several "logic/math based games" recommended in this thread:
* Spacechem (visual programming against fixed challenges)
* Manufactoria (finite state machines)
* Gladiabots (visual programming against dynamic challenges, see below)
* Euclidea (some not so that straightforward fun with visual compass and ruler)
* Calculator: the game (really trivial math, but the problem is the order of operations)
* Roborally: program your robot using cards to reach your destination.
* Ricochet Robots: finding the shortest sequence of moves to get a robot to its goal.
* Fifth Frontier War: strategic wargame where the different admirals have different planning horizons.
* Khet: moving pieces around a board trying to get a laser to hit the opponent's pieces.
* Twixt: build a path from one side of the board to the other while blocking your opponent.
* Circuit Scramble: connect logic gates to solve combinational logic

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Equivalent Fractions
New version: (Paid app)
But, Free from 2/1/2018 to 2/8/2018

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Free for a week (1/21/2018 a 1/28/2018)
Fractions Scroll Gravity Lever
A balance scale fulcrum in the form of a fraction

One week free at Google Play. (1/21/2018 a 1/28/2018)
(Using Gravity Sensor)

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Apples And Oranges First Decimal
Free along this week: (11-19 Jan 2018)

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The mass of 600 Fat Cats is balanced with 1 Elephant:

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How looks a Centillion?

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Euler & Hamilton Path:
new Android app:

Find Euler Path or Hamilton Path in a Graph
Build edit and save new graphs
Graph Theory
Avoid bridges in Euler Path
Find the shortest Hamilton Path

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“Multiplication table” with Max is designed for parents, teachers, and especially students, offering the possibility to work day-to-day multiplication tables anywhere.

This times tables game is a great resource for students and for anyone who forgot the multiplication tables.

1. Learn the “times tables”.
2. Train with all multiplication tables.
3. Configure and take the exam.
4. Exercises to fill.
5. Fast training.
6. Multiplayer: play against your friends or against other people online.

“Multiply with Max” helps students and people practice multiplication in a fun and rewarding way.

Playing with puppy Max in a fun way and learn maths.
Drag the numbers to complete the multiplication. The puppy will indicate you if it is properly calculated.

■ You can take advice the times tables. The times tables games have been added to provide practice for students who are beginning to understand the concepts of multiplying numbers. This is an excellent resource to improve their multiplication tables skills.
■ This math game is a good resource and useful tools for the teacher and the students to learn the times tables.
■ Multiply with Max is the best recommended times tables games perfect for learning.
■ Ideal for all students.
■ Recommended for tablet.

Enjoy learning !

✔ Game languages: English and Spanish (Automatic interface language)
To change the language on your device:
Spanish Language:
Settings -> Language -> Español (España)
English language:
Settings -> Language -> English (United States)

■How to Play?
The multiplication that you must calculate and the empty squares that you must fill in with numbers to successfully complete the transaction appear at the top of the screen.
Numbers 0 through 9, which you must move with your finger, appear at the bottom of the screen.
To calculate the result, drag the numbers at the bottom of the screen to the corresponding empty cell of the multiplication.
If you make a mistake in calculating the result, you can move the numbers from one cell to another of the multiplication, or return them to the bottom by only moving and dropping them off the cells.
Puppy Max will tell you automatically if you have correctly calculated the result once you have completed all the boxes of the multiplication.
Get a bone for Max every time you correctly calculate the multiplication, otherwise you will get a negative point.
You can play with different types of multiplication.

■ Multiplayer
Multiply with Max use the real-time multiplayer to connect two players together in a single game session.
1. Sign in to start playing online.
2. Quick Game: lets the player play against randomly selected opponents (auto-matching).The game starts immediately when there is a player connected to play.
3. Invite Players: select friends to invite to a real-time game session. The game is waiting until the friend accepts the invitation.
4. Show Invitations: lets the player see any pending invitations sent by another player. The invited player must accept the invitation to play. The invited player will play with the dog Toby.
5. Show Leaderboards: player can view his top score.

Take note:
You are the player who invites: You play with Max
You are the invited player: You play with Toby.
In the quick game Max and Toby are selected at random.
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