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Over the winter and spring, we are going to be organizing three Open Content events: one in Philadelphia in January, one in San Francisco in March, and one in Portland in April. We'll be putting out a more detailed/official announcement shortly (next week?) when the date for the Portland event gets nailed down.

The Philadelphia event is at Science Leadership Academy on Thursday, January 24, the day before Educon starts. So, if you are booking travel into Educon, enjoy one more day of that beautiful Philadelphia winter!

Details on the event are at

Event signup is at

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Perhaps this isn't the kinds of things you have in mind, but I did want to share this in case you haven't seen it. 

OpenDrive allows you to publicly share things from your Google Drive, Dropbox, Skydrive, and Box. Then it aggregates all of those shared objects into a searchable database. Go ahead and search for something like "blended learning" and you will a bunch of really interesting things.
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