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+Red Wrathing hood. Ninji greninja

Anybody wanna rp?

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daggerlight was in a cage in the sky kingdom
Daggerlight: *sigh*
(Open rp plz rp)

ugghhh. Long post...

Name  Spark
Age 14 
Gender Male
Species Rainwing X Nightwing
Bio I grew up on an island all by myself for almost all my life.  Only recently returned to the continent.  I hatched under 2 full moons.
Appearance Mostly Nightwing looking, with silver teardrop scales at the corner of both eyes.  I have a curved scar at the corner of my right eye.  My back right leg has silver scales splayed across it.  I can shift colors, but my silver scales are always a little shinier than the rest, and take a little bit longer to change color.  My horns are as thick as a Nightwings, but shaped more like a Rainwings.  My wings still have the silver scales,  arranged as water splashed outward.  I can read minds, and have the occasional prophecy, but carry a small stone in my leg pouch that blocks my ability to read minds.

dagger was Wandering the sea kingdom
((Open rp))

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Daggerlight was Wandering the woods
(Open rp)

Alright, what's the difference between you two, +DaggerLight The draganimatronic​ and +Renamon "Daggerlight the Nightwing" the (not saying the rest)?

Anyone here?

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is chained up to a giant boulder and struggling with blood dripping down my talons and jaws


tries to break free ((Open rp))
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