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How to Win at Network Marketing

So how do you “win” at network marketing? Well first we need to define what win actually means for you.

Some people want to reach a certain rank, others want to become a millionaire, yet others want a team of 200,000 people, etc.  I know for me, winning meant achieving financial freedom, and giving myself choices.

So assuming that winning means something similar for you, let me tell you exactly how to do it…

It’s actually quite simple.  The catch: it isn’t easy.  But it is simple.

How to Go from Broke to Multi-Millionaire in MLM

You have to join. You have to actually select a company, sign up, order the products and begin.You have to have the self-discipline to work your business like a job. At least ten hours a week.You need the determination and perseverance to work a four or five year plan.You have to believe in your products enough to develop a strong customer base.You have to become a student and learn the basic skills sets: meeting people, working a candidate list, inviting and follow up.You have to be strong enough to handle rejection.You have to be smart enough to handle success.You have to keep going when people drop out.You have to believe in yourself even when not a single other person on the planet does.You have to focus on helping your people become successful, as only this ensures your own success.

That’s it.  Pretty simple.  But not easy

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