Let us all just take this moment to commemorate
25 members even though all of us either havent posted once or posted a gazillion years ago.
and also
the next
two pokemon games +Ømňïpøťëňť Phëøňïx LOL I REALIZE IM TAGGING YOU IN LITERALLY EVERYTHING NOW. (you shudnt have tagged me on that instagram post)
WOOT (although im broke so im probably not gonig to be able to buy it ;~;)

im having trouble finding right pokemon for my team these are what i have so far
Beedrill Absol Sealeo Swablu horsea need one more pokemon can anyone help 

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heading to bed 
Good night

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(New trainer)
Name Ian Grass
Gender male
Age 16
Personality & Habits competitive in anything, lazy but when doing something works hard, loves to play games and hangs out with friends.
Pokemon (alpha sapphire Team)

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Them bows doe

Pokemon: Fennekin
Name: Sunset Stream
Type: Fire
Gender: Male
Trainer: is wild pokemon
Personality: Is kind and sweet hearted, friends with Little Ribbon and stays with her all the time, helping each other get away from trainers. If Little Ribbon is caught she follows trainer so they could be together.
Appearance: Has an orange bow on head and tail like Little Ribbon, because she gave it to Sunset Stream. Shehas furry ears, and her fur is bright orange with dark orange in her ears, and tail.

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hey stop by my base

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weekly Roleplay

Waking through the forest. I wish i din't loose my map.
If I remember right i should take the next left. Sees a Snorlax sleeping on the road. Well that great, lets see if I have a poke flute in my bag. Unaware of the berries in his bag and of the string snorlax in front of him. Come on I know i pack the poke flute in here some where. Looking up, well this doesn't  look good for me.

(For next week)
Weekly Roleplay

I stared down at my journal. Why was i such a bad writer?
"After all, my mother would like that, right?"
I sighed as i ripped out the page in my journal, and tossed it into the garbage can. Well, there goes another tree I think to myself. I check my computer to see if anybody wanted to battle with me. Nope. So i looked up MSPA and started reading Homestuck. I had a lot of catching up to do.

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Name- Glass
Pokemon- Glaceon
Type- Ice
Gender- Female

Other pokemon- All the other types (except for Eevee). 
In bag:

 glaceon (Glass)
 jolteon (Leck)
 umbreon (Tomi)
Leafeon (Lea)

 (Everything else espeon (Jem), and Sylveon (Kimi) stored.)

Trainer- a Person who's an Eevee evolutionist trainer. ( I'll do this later!)

Personality and habits- Glace likes to show off and do fashion shows and battles. Likes to be "commander" of all Eevee evolutions. Glass also likes shiny stuff.
Appearance- Glass doesn't like to get dirty, and wears a light blue scarf (not shown).

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Pokemon Sheet

Name: Little Ribbon
Pokemon: Eevee
Type: Normal
Gender: Female
Trainer: is a wild one
Personality: A sweet little eevee and is very cunning, can outwit any trainer that tries to capture her. She is kind to every pokemon, big or small.
Appearance: always wears a big bow on her ear and tail. Has brown fur and fluffy collar fur around her neck, like all the other eevees
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