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So, does anyone know Akito the Exiled by any chance? I need someone who can follow these simple rules:

1. Please be literate (about a paragraph or more; I'm trying to type better replies and I do need more experience), and have excellent grammar and spelling.

2. Know Code Geass: Akito the Exiled . It is very important. I need someone to handle being Julius, Suzaku, and maybe some extra characters. I might even handle some other character, but I need someone handle both Julius and Suzaku. I cannot rp as those two.

3. Should there be anything sexual (sex, for example),.....this will go in private post for that reason. Yes, there will be romance involved - Julius x OC.

Now that we got this handled, great! If you are interested (if you read and understood), please comment 'eyepatch' and your favorite geass power (ex: Absolute Obedience).
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name: Spirit
age: 18
Gender: Female
likes: Sushi walking around in underwear
dislikes: Mean people
bio: Is a neko mix of many animals.

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*looks at sweetheart*hmmm

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Remember my Otaku Buddy's, tomorrow is the day!!!!!! 😝

Make sure to tell all your friends!!!

Less than 6 hours away (6 for me; Midnight is when it TECHNICALLY starts)

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Remember to write it buddies: ^w^

Tomorrow ^w^

Name: Isabelle
Nick name: Belle
Age: 10
Gender: Female
Likes: Dogs, tea, and her butler
Dislikes: Her fiancee William
Looks: Brown hair, green eyes, pale skin
Bio: Her parents died on a boat wreck and just before she died along with her parents she struck a deal with a demon saying once she gets revenge on the person who sunk the boat, she would give the demon her soul
Anime: Black Butler

How many profiles can we have?

I'm walking through London with my butler Andrew when I bump into you I'm so sorry My butler picks me up and I get a good look at your face (Open)

I was walking in the forest with my pikachu on my shoulder when I bump into you Shoot... I'm sorry Open

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Bio: snowflake is a magical snow girl. She loves her snow powers because she can challenge other people.
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