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Name: Compare (Alexander) // Contrast (Alexandra) 
Age: 18 // 18
Weapon(s): stabbing /{Daggers, suffocation}/ guns
Personality: casually flirty and always sarcastic
 Extra(Gender, Catch Phrase, Sexuality, Ect.) Male, gay /{'compare to contrast }/ Female, Bisexual
They are twins, kind of obvious....
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Quote: "I did it for the Lulz"

Name: Smiley

Alias: Smiley the Killer

Age: Unknown

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Pets: None

Powers: Knife, Horrifying Smile, Teleportation, Minions Who Follow Him Loyally

Weapons: Butcher Knife

Killing Method: Stab My Victim To Death As I Punch Through My Victims' Chest Cavity Ripping Out Their Heart, As I Crave A Smiley Face Into It

Hobby: Killing People on Webcam, Fulfilling The Orders of Killers

Goals: Kill The Maximum Of People On The Internet, Carry Out The Wishes Of People Who Want To Kill Others

Personality: Emotionless, Dark, & Mysterious

Likes: Craving People's Faces, Killing & Taunting Them

Dislikes: People

Height: 6'0

Weight: 202lbs

Appearance: {Picture Below}

Bio: Little Is Known About Smiley

Awesome place you got here

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Name: Hoody Sutton
Age: Unknown
Personality: quiet, shy, aggressive when mad
Weapon: anything I can get my hands on
Gender: Male

I walk around with Jeffery following me our knifes out

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name: Nataly the strange
age: 13
weapon: survival knife
personality: nice (unless you tic me off)
gender: female
likes: Jeffery the strange, playing video games, eating candy, going on killing sprees and teasing victims

name: Jeffery the strange
age: 15
weapon: survival knife
personality: rude at times (really nice to Nataly the strange)
gender: male
likes: Nataly the strange, playing video games, eating cheesecake, teasing Nataly the strange, going on killing sprees and teasing victims

bio: Nataly and Jeffery were riding the bus to school when the bus crashed (causing Nataly to lose her left eye and Jeffery to lose his right eye) they wandered through the woods till they met slender man and he look them in

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Name: Buttercup.avi
Age: I do not have an age.
Weapon(s): super strength and flying....
Personality: Quiet but not afraid to speak her mind, tomboyish, loves anything electronic
Extra: Takes the form of a female, straight, looks like Buttercup from the PowerPuff Girls.
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looks around No one's here. runs to the piano and plays

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Name-Offender girl
personality- Tomboy,sweet but evil,and all that.
bio-I can't remember that much,

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Full name: John Ezekiel Monclair

Creepypasta name: Black Hat

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Age: 42

Sexuality: Straight

Relationship status:

Crush/Sort of an obsession crush: Yvonne Kennex. ((I will make a profile for her))

Occupation: John is a doctor by day, murderer by night.

He kills people by picking them up and bringing them to his home.

Murderer Personality: Sadistic, Cold, has a dark sense of humor, seductive.

Human personality: Sweet, Kind and caring.

Likes: Alcohol, Sex, Woman and Killing.

Dislikes: Nothing except his victims escaping him, like Yvonne did. ((Again, will make a profile for her))

Bio: He was born in West

His parents were abusive to him all the way through his childhood and teen year.

He moved to New York city and became a doctor.

A few years into his job, something in his brain snapped.

He began killing his patients then his nurses then his doctors.

John is now murdering people all over New York city.

And if you are on his hit list..


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