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this is the titles and ledgendaries claimed

articuno: +rick hoshiko
zygaurd: +Jak Rodriguez 
genesect: +Hayabusa the spartan 

kalos champion: +rick hoshiko 
unova elite four (1/4): +Hayabusa the spartan 

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Thinking of adding this. Any ideas
Thought of my own evil pokemon team called "Team Mimic" where they use artifical (manmade) and false robotic pokemon as they think that all pokemon created by mankind is far superior than natural pokemon in every way.

Fun challenge: what would your team be called, themed on and ideas be?
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Name: Raven Lovelust
Pokemon: Pikachu
Title: beginner trainer
home region: Pallet Town
Description: (See the pic.)
Likes:Tall strong men,dom men,nice people,and catching Pokemon
Dislikes:mean people,sub men,weak people,being told what to do

+Mackenzie Wicker (sorry if this gets dull and boring after a bit. it was a good idea in my head but sucks when made)

i am making a new rule. if you want to do a random rp you can. you don't need to make a character, just a character is a good base and idea. you don't have to rp with the same person if you want, it could be alternate time lines or something

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(Made another character. I don't know if you can claim another legendary Pokemon. So I didn't take one.)

Name: Luke Armstrong
Pokemon: Incineroar, Kommo-o, Gengar, Alolan Marowak, Salamence (Shiny), and Samurott
Title: Ace Trainer
Home region: Aloha
Description: (See the pic.)
Other: What's to battle strong opponents
Love Interest: Kahili. One of the Elite Four from Aloha.
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My Top 20 Prettiest Female Characters in Pokemon. Some you might know. Some you might not know. You can always look it up online.

20.) Dawn (Pokemon: Diamond & Pearl)

19.) Georgia (Pokemon: Black & White. Anime series)

18.) Serena (Pokemon: X & Y)

17.) Lillie (Pokemon: Sun & Moon)

16.) Bianca (Pokemon: Black & White)

15.) Korrina (Pokemon: X & Y)

14.) May (Pokemon: Advanced Generation. Pokemon: Ruby & Sapphire)

13.) Iris (Pokemon: Black & White)

12.) Kahili. One of the Elite Four from Aloha. (Pokemon: Sun & Moon)

11.) Kidd Summers (Pokemon: Lucario and the Mystery of Mew)

10.) Caitlin (Pokemon: Black & White)

9.) Elesa (Pokemon: Black & White)

8.) Flannery (Pokemon: Advanced Generation. Pokemon: Ruby & Sapphire)

7.) Skyla (Pokemon: Black & White)

6.) Malva (Pokemon: X & Y)

5.) Diantha (Pokemon: X & Y)

4.) Plumeria (Pokemon: Sun & Moon)

3.) Lusamine (Pokemon: Sun & Moon)

2.) Olivia (Pokemon: Sun & Moon)

1.) Cynthia (Pokemon: Diamond & Pearl)

Which Female character from Pokemon you think are really pretty?

I walk around Jubilife City with my Umbreon, my eyes wide as I look around
Wow.... it's so big....

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Name: Kai Soramizu
Pokemon: Shiny Umbreon, Absol, Shiftry, Greninja, Hydreigon, and Liepard
Region: Sinnoh
Title: Ace Trainer
Description: I am a Pokemon Trainer from Full Moon Island in the Sinnoh region. I was abandoned by my parents a long time ago. I love Dark Types. In fact, my party is only Dark Types. I'm not a Gym Leader though. My party is: shiny Umbreon, Absol, Shiftry, Greninja, Hydreigon, and Liepard. My Umbreon was my first Pokemon. We've been together ever since it hatched as an Eevee. I've traveled to other regions, but Sinnoh will always be my home.
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name: drahcir
pokemon: (in order) butterfree, durant, excalivier, ninjask, volcarona and a secret genesect
title: unova elite four, bug trainer
home region: unova
description: (see pic)
other: likes to travel and mess with people. will lure you into a trap then take you out with all kinds of status effects and attacks. is clever and kind to all bug pokemon
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