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In part two, Winston is becoming more rebellious as he finds himself falling in love with Julia. Even though this is a crime he still does it secretly and purchases a dairy for him and Julia. Julia influences Winston to become rebellious just like her by doing intimate things with him. I feel like he thinks she is being rebellious enough just like julia is but really julia is just using him for her own good. Winston believes that she is against the party when really she is just using him.

One of the ideas in 1984 is psychological manipulation, which overtakes the mind’s capacity for independent thought, making it easier to control people. In 1984, the Party basically brainwashes their inferiors into believing their ideals. For example, they teach them that 2+2=5; despite the fact that it is incorrect, the government forces its people into believing that, whether by physical or psychological torture. In 1984, Winston is one of the few who catch onto society’s corruption, and takes matters into his own hands. Before he can do anything about it, he is captured and forced to succumb to the physical and psychological torture that they inflict in order to make him believe in Party ideals.

Do you think Winston was actually shot, or do you think those bullets were a symbolic, figurative death?

Ironically, the party within itself is a set to make people believe that the party is "watching". The people on the other hand is the main focus through the book because it shows that people like O'Brien spy or go undercover to find rebellious citizens like Winston. In the end, Winston rebels against big brother by falling in love with Julia until he gets caught. They capture Winston and throw him in room 101 where they torture rebellious people against big brother. Ironically, the love that he had for Julia was fake because he ultimately put Julia on the line and told them to "DO IT TO JULIA". There is when they knew they had him back and eventually instead of torturing him they brainwashed him into loving Big Brother.

I find it Ironic how Winston and Julia both commit the ultimate crime against Big Brother and choose to secretly meet in the room above Mr. Charrington's shop. They're willing to risk it all for each other. They know if they were ever caught that they would be punished for their actions. They put this risk aside for love. But the moment that they are caught and Winston is taken to Room 101, he immediately outs Julia. The thing he hates most, Rats. They all surround him and then he says that they should punish her. He was willing to risk it all for her, but as soon as things got hard he wanted to put the blame on her. Big Brother has completely consumed Winston and he comes out of Room 101 with a new mindset, he loves Big Brother.

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Do you think that George Orwell should A. Brainwash Winston in the end (end the book how it really did), or B. Make him escape and be free
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A. Brainwash
B. Freedom

Winston and Julia's secret love unfortunately doesn't last long. Winston decides to rent the room above Mr Charrington's shop (where he purchased the diary and the paper weight) for him and Julia. Even though it’s very risky they both decide it is the best because of its convenience. Julia brings a whole bunch of stuff from the inner party which is 10x better than what they have and also puts on makeup. At one point a rat appears which makes Winston flashback to a nightmare he has had before but before he can tell what the scary part was he changes the subject. As the reader you start to gain a suspicion that something bad will happen because everything is going a little too perfect for them, and then it finally does. Supposedly Oceania is no longer at war with East Asia, but with Eurasia. This forces Winston and his Ministry of Truth coworkers to log 96 hours during the next few weeks. After these very long days at work Winston gets a break and decides to go to the room above Mr. Charrington so he has a “safe” place to read. He starts reading chapter three until Julia gets there which is when he decides to read to her Chapter one. The book explains the significance and meaning of War is Peace, Ignorance is Strength, and Freedom is Slavery. Winston wakes up after he had fallen asleep because he read chapter one and doesn’t think its too late, but it is. Turns out, Mr. Charrington is a member of the Thought Police and he lied to Winston when he told him there is no telescreen in the room because there is one indeed and it’s behind the picture. Unfortunately Winston and Julia are arrested because they are completely surrounded and they are too scared to think. Just comes to show you, never trust anyone but yourself.

Winston finds himself in a room where he is being watched by 4 telescreens then he is moved to room 101 he shares a cell with his neighbor parsons and this is the room that everybody fears and knows little about. he fears they will torture him to betray Julia then O'Brian walks in and Winston ask they got him too but he replies with "they got me long ago". after weeks of torture O'Brian tells him about the party's motives. and then moved to a room where he whatever the party says go. ex. twp plus two is five, freedom is slavery, god is power. but after he is released from the torturing he meets up with Julia once more and has no desire to act out or rebel anymore.

While reading part two, it became clear to me that Winston is willing to be rebellious in his society. His is willing to break laws for Julia. This can be seen when she finds a way to slip him a piece of paper saying "I love you." Winston and Julia planning to meet up shows an act of rebellion against Big Brother. They try to be extremely discreet, avoiding each other for days and then speaking in whispers and meeting in secret places. This shows that Winston is willing to risk it all for Julia.
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